Second Hand Clothes: how to shock others by coolest things?

Do you want to update your wardrobe? Use for this purpose!


Today we talk about second hand. You know, second hand is very popular in Nigeria, more than 85% Nigerians choose it for updating wardrobe. There was a stereotype for a long time, that second hands were only for poor people. But today even superstars like to catch some extraordinary clothes on second hand markets. In addition, many people convince, that things from the new collections of famous expensive brands fall into second faster than in conventional stores!

Second-hand is the clothes not for the poor, but for crafty!

Advantages of buying second hand things:

  1. The obvious advantage – cheapest. Second hand dresses, shirts, skirts from Europe and USA are cheaper, than new things from China with bad quality. Find stylish thing and don’t overpay – isn’t a dream?
  2. Fashion, style and beauty! Unique second-hand things help you to create an interesting and juicy image.
  3. Flight of your fancy – you can buy dress, even too big size, and remake it to your taste: slightly alter it, add colored buttons and ribbons or come up with something else.


How to use all advantages for effective shopping on second-hand?

A lot of Nigerians complaining for absence of choice and worn of clothing on second hand. But if you know the secrets of second hand shopping, you will get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from this shopping! So, is ready to deal with you our secret tips.

1. If you are not sure in thing – don’t take it!

This is the main rule that allows you save money and place in your wardrobe. Don’t listen to sellers, friends and relatives – choose only things, which you really need!

Don’t try to follow for specific goals, for example: “I want a dark dress with pearl buttons.” In 99% of cases, you will not find it, but may miss some cool thing.


Don’t lose your head, always keep in mind the list of necessary things (for you, children, relatives or friends) and buy things only from this list. Don’t get fooled by a cheap cost: low price – is not a reason to clutter up your home. Take things just for “right now.” Lose weight, grow up, preload hands and draw the belly – it’s not a reason to buy unusual thing.

2. Come at the beginning of delivery new things and at the end

At the beginning there is a large choice of clothing. As a result, it’s more likely to find something fabulous. At the end of the party there is a wonderful opportunity to take at a give-away price some things, which were overlooked by all shopaholics.

3.Try on all clothing calmly

When you try on clothing, don’t pay attention on grumbling of other people. You come not to fuss, you come to choose needed garment. So, your task is to understand how the thing sits on you –  it should be perfect.


Remember, things after factory sanitation (as they are in the second hands) sit on as after washing, and this fact should be taken into account.

4.Take into consideration the lighting

This item is best suited to the purchase used things in special stores or rooms. In general, it’s important for any campaign of buying clothes: soft, diffused light in sales rooms and fitting rooms sets up so that hides sharp shadows, making the image smooth and fluffy. If you try on the same thing at home, under the bright light bulbs, you may notice it is unsuitable for you.

5. Be stingy in moderation

If you like something after long selection, but it’s a slightly expensive (by the standards of second hand), waiting for big discounts isn’t always appropriate – it will be obscured (verified)! You can try to arrange with the seller and ask about holding the thing or bury it deeper, mash and give the most unpresentable look – maybe nobody likes it. But, as a rule, while prices will fall through the floor, the risk to miss a valuable find is too large.


6. Make friendship with sellers

Communicate, leave your phone number, and ask to send you sms, when a new batch of the product comes. It’s also true that, sometimes sellers don’t show all at once, and put the best things for special occasions. But very friendly and meticulous buyers can access to their secret reserves, so once more – be friends with sellers.

By the way, shopping is better with somebody – friends or relatives, who can help you make the right choice and save from scam on the second hand market.

7.Grab the thing and hold it

If you find a good thing, just take it in your hand and walk with it while you will be shopping. If you decide to leave it and pick up later, it can be “taken away” by other hunters for things.


8. Carefully check the quality of things before buying

Before bringing clothing to a checkout, check it for some defects: stains, holes … On knitwear, cotton and wool can be small holes that are invisible when you buy dress, and appear after washing. So, if you want to detect them – consider clothes on the better light. After discovering any defect (even if you decided you deal with it: sew a button, fix the zipper, wash out the stain or sew up the hole), necessarily show it to the seller. Perhaps he will gift you a good discount.

9.Be aware of fashion novelty

Before you go to the shopping, it’s better to study the modern fashion trends; – often second hand stores are filled of cult things that you even don’t know. And when you know fashion news – you may win and become most stylish in the city for little money!


10.Main rule: don’t forget about hygiene!

  1. Don’t buy second hand underwear. It’s too intimate part of the toilet and it must have only one master.
  2. Don’t try on things from second-hand on your naked body, if you haven’t washed them before. Probably, most clothing is completely safe, but you don’t know all details. Also washing will help you get rid of the stale, residual smell.
  3. Don’t buy a second hand cosmetics, hygiene products and products for the most little babies. If you buy jewelry, sterilize it with alcohol.
  4. Necessarily wash and iron new purchases!



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