16 Best Outdoor Family Games

You don’t know what to do in summer? Come on, it cannot be like this! However, if you feel some kind of apathy, this article will tell you how to have an interesting time using outdoor family games.


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1. Yard twister

1It is a really cool game! You indicate a size of playing ground and colour of the circles depending on the contestants’ age. Draw the colourful circles of equal sizes on the asphalt or a lawn with the help of cardboard circle.

2. Sleight of hand

Read here how to make and play this game.

3. Falling tower

This game is pretty easy and clear. You should remove bars of a tower in turns. The winner is a player who made the tower stand and did not allow it to fall down.


The approximate length of 48 bars is 25 sm.

4. Canvas dodge ball

This game requires a firm hand and an exceptional accuracy. For making the game you need a piece of canvas and a colourful sticky tape. Make holes of different sizes in your canvas and stick their edges with a colourful sticky tape. Each hole has its own amount of points. The winner is a person who scored the maximum points during his 10 throws.


5. Throw over a hoop

Make a stand for hoops by yourself or just use the things around you (for instance, tree branches). Remember: the further a person stands from a target, the more interesting it is to play.


6. Inclined race

For this game you will need noodles – sticks for swimming and aqua aerobics. You can buy them in any sports shops. Slit the stick and separate its both parts in a book-like manner.  After that cut the lengthwise riffles through the each half. Mark the start and finish lines with the small flags. Both, toy cars and glass balls can ride on this route.


7. Hunting for treasure

You should make up a list of treasures which players will have to find. Cones, various flowers, leaves, unusual branches, something round, triangular, square, red, green or yellow… Print these lists out and stick them on the plastic bags, give them to the contestants. The winner is a person who was the first to gather all the things from the list.


8. Good throw

5You will need a drill and some screws to fix several buckets of different sizes to a long board, then put the board vertically. Players get some points for throwing a ball into each bucket. The smaller bucket is, the more points you get.

9. Obstacle course

You can release all your imagination in this game! You may use everything for it: old outer tires, ladders, ropes, buckets, etc. Children will have fun and you will have some rest while waiting on the finish line with a stop-watch.

10. Bottle bowling2

This is a great game for both, children and adults. You need: 10 plastic bottles, paint and a tennis ball. Paint your bottles and a ball, let them dry well enough. Then fill the bottles with water – your skittles are ready!

11. Sticks

You will need noodles for one more time. Children have to throw as many balloons as possible into a plastic basket with the help of these noodles. The game itself is truly easy but very interesting at the same time.

12. Tick-tack-toe

The outdoor variant of this game gives a great freedom for choosing the implements. You may take a large-scale shingle or some wooden billets and paint them, or you can do with the improvised objects.


13. Stick Olympiad

Noodles again. The main advantage of these items is that you can do everything with their help: bend, swing – they will stand any use. You will not find better building material for your makeshift sports objects.


14. Tug-of-war

The traditional game will become more interesting if its contestants stand not on the ground, but on the upturned dairy cases or snags. In this game you should show vigour, as well as handsome smartness.

15. Ice treasures

Yes, you can play this game even in hot weather! Your children will be astonished by it. Freeze some water with toys and other small items in a big container. Do it layer-by-layer and not let the toys to sink. Give your children a hammer and a screwdriver – they will be in the process of procuring their toys for a long time.

16. Darts with balloons

The name of the game speaks for itself. Puff up the balloons and fix them to the board with the help of a sticky tape or a stapler. There will be much noise, but even more fun.


What kind of games do you play with your children in summer? We are looking forward to your stories.