8 Cute And Simple Hairstyles For Kids

Maintaining natural hair can be a tiresome and lengthy process, especially when you’re a busy parent and want your kid’s hair to look neat and trendy. The good news is that there are plenty of cute natural hairstyles for kids that are also super easy to make, and here are 8 hairstyles you need to try.

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1. Top bun

A neat top bun is a great way of making sure the hair doesn’t get in the girl’s face while keeping the rest of the hairstyle absolutely natural and letting the curls fly free. In fact, this hairstyle would look great even on grown-up women.

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2. Criss-cross braids

When you are styling your baby girl’s hair, you can be more creative and daring than with your own hairstyles. For example, this fun criss-cross braid pattern with pastel beads looks fantastic on kids but will hardly suit any adult woman.


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3. Pigtail braids

Regular pigtails are one of the most popular hairstyles for children, but there are endless ways to upgrade this traditional hairstyle. Here is how you can easily style adorable pigtail braids with cute decorations.

4. Wired braids

Braids are one of the few hairstyles that look great on any age and personal style, but you can easily make them unique and tailor them to your daughter’s tastes if you add trendy metallic wire to the braids.

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5. Beaded braids

If you consider braids to be the best possible natural hairstyle for any age but want to make it more suited to your baby girl’s bubbly nature, you can’t go wrong with decorating the braids with fun beads in her favourite colour scheme.

6. Braided ponytail

There are dozens of ways to wear braids, but sometimes you want to get them away from your face while still looking cut and put-together. In that case, a braided ponytail with a stylish bow can be exactly the hairstyle you’re looking for.

7. Mini puffs

Puffs are the one hairstyle that requires minimal styling but looks perfectly appropriate for any age and occasion. If your daughter’s hair is short but you want to try this style nonetheless, mini puffs look just as cute and can be done on any hair length.


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8. Asymmetric braids

When else can you experiment with shapes and try irregular patterns if not when you’re a kid? These asymmetric braids with a pattern on the scalp are definitely a fresh idea you and your baby girl need to try this year.

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