10 Strangest Bars And Night Clubs In The World

Before going on a journey we make a list of places which might be interesting to visit: the wonders of the nature, historical monuments, and architectural showplaces. But sometimes it may be useful to stand out of the well-trodden path and visit not less impressive places which are not as much popular. Welcome the strangest ones which exist on our planet.

Don’t forget to PREPARE yourself for these crazy visits!

Icebar by Icehotel, Sweden

yU0_pgTIWYcEven though there are already several icebars in the world the first one to open is situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. You can’t come here without being equipped by some really warm clothing as the temperature here is slightly below zero. The furniture, walls and the interior items are made exclusively of ice which makes you feel like a guest at the Eskimo’s house. And how do you think what drinks are the most common to welcome you here? Of course it’s Vodka and maybe an old good coffe for non-drinkers.

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, USA

dvnXCkQY_PkIt’s not a zombie bar. It’s a safe house in a world that’s fraught with zombies. Get it? The owner thinks that Minneapolis is the perfect location for a zombie apocalypse because of its frigid temps. Naturally, people occasionally show up in full zombie attire. The zombie heads mounted on the wall serve as a warning to all the walking dead when the Apocalypse to come.


Miniscule of Sound, England

VYFd7bYURF8This club is the smallest nightclub on Earth with the territory of only 5 square meters and the capacity to accomodate there up to 15 people together with the DJ. Another special trait of this establishment is that it’s a portable one and is moving from district to district, from town to town. So if you were lucky to see it today don’t be so sure to get there back tomorrow.

H.R Giger Skeleton Bar, Switzerland

YwCI73aRw_gAre you still under impressions after reviewing a famous scientific-fiction thriller “Alien”? Come to visit this bar and feel yourself a part of the parallel world.  The room and furniture here seem to be made of the alien monster’s remains. and the aura is filled with scent of cosmic terror, dark and aggression. Take a digital camera with you and try to make up your own episode in the world of thrillers.


Vampire Café, Tokyo

h4ItYw3fgm8Nowadays, modern vampires hang out far away from Transylvania. Vampire Cafe seems to be a great meeting place. Blood Clot is on the menu! Draped in sanguine velvet, the decor is composed of crucifixes, spiders, skulls, candelabras, bizarre pictures and a Dracula’s coffin is the centerpiece. With bars and restaurants like Vampire Cafe, Tokyo has established itself as the capital of the most unusual bars of the world.


Hobbit House, the Philippines

5F32i47YC7gWhat would you do if you were touched by something as much as to create its analogue in a real life? One guy did open a bar devoted to the famous trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. Inside its candle lit interiors, one can recognize the paintings of scenes from the Tolkien trilogy. The drinks choice is especially wide here. You may taste up to 150 kinds of beer as well as to try some ale amd cider. But nothing makes this place so special as its waiters all of which are exclusively dwarves. Friendly, charming and ever smiling, they are the reason why the bar is what it is today. Every night, you will find them gamely posing for yet another round of photos with tourists and travelers, giving folks back home something to talk about.


Baobab Bar, Republic of South Africa

vSaizDOatwQThe beautiful tree hosting a small bar in it is claimed to be one of the world’s oldest, and is one of the Limpopo Provinces’ biggest attractions. The bar itself has celebrated the 80th annyversary recently. This establishment accommodates no more than 15 visitors and doesn’t have a place for a dancefloor. Anyway if you would like to go celebrating some special event here you might use the outdoor terrace located under the shadow of the tree. It doesn’t happen everyday to get in touch with the nature living as long as 6 thousand years, does it?


Das Klo, Germany

_GitkUdW4VoWant to experience the whole gamma of strong feelings: starting with disgust and fear finishing with shock and non-admission? To get to know it you should visit this bar. Toilets as chairs and plates for your soup, urine samples to drink beer from, strange dishes and disgusting staff — all of that is the Das Klo or simply a toilet bar as it’s being called by its visitors. Only the ones with strong stomaches are welcome.


Eternity Bar, Ukraine

OvsfhSzfKLwIf you want to think about the evanescence of human life or on the contrary — about its misery, you are welcome to this grand coffin. It is 20 meters long, 6 meters wide and 6 meters high. The inerior and music inside completely correspond to its subject. There is a welcoming poster saying “Only persons with white slippers will be allowed entry”. So if you feel enough courage as to come inside the grave on your own will this place won’t disappoint you.


Clinic, Singapore

rp5x-9pQjXkWith wheelchairs as the standard seating, hospital beds for a more reclined dining experience, drinks served in test tubes, all the patrons lit in a bright glow shining from a operating lights, and the servers in medical whites, the restaurant stays true to its Hospital theme.

Sitting here and sipping cocktails like the X-Nurse’s Party, the Sex on the Drip or the Chemical Babies you feel glad to be a part of the outer, healthy world.



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