Funniest Food Combinations That Actually Taste Nice

We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and most adults are very conservative and won’t try something new unless they are sure it tastes good. However, there are lots of food combinations that sound ridiculous at first but actually taste amazing. Here are the 10 best ones for you to try.

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1. Avocado and chocolate

Most of us think of avocado as a vegetable that is mostly used in savoury dishes, but it turns out it can be a great addition to desserts too. The combination of avocado and chocolate produces healthier versions of some amazing sweet treats, including ice cream, brownies, mousses, and even cookies and cakes.

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2. Pizza and honey

Pizza is a favourite savoury pie for millions of people around the world, but you can hardly imagine it being paired with anything sweet, except for pineapple. This is what makes the combination of pizza and honey unusual but definitely tasty, especially on a cheese pizza where honey fits perfectly.

3. Burger and peanut butter

Unlike the previous two combos, this one includes two savoury dishes, but it doesn’t make the combination less odd for those who have never tried it. Putting peanut butter directly on the patty not only makes it juicier, but also adds a depth of flavour you are guaranteed to enjoy.

4. Mango and chilli

Like many Nigerians, you are probably a big fan of mango and can never grow tired of its tangy flavour. However, there is a way to take the mango flavour up a notch with the addition of chilli. Simply sprinkle some chilli to taste onto mango slices or make a mango-chilli sauce for fried chicken.

5. Chocolate shake and fries

The next time you visit your favourite fast food joint or treat your family to homemade fast food, try serving fries and chocolate shake at once. Dipping salty fries into a sweet milkshake seems like a weird idea, but the two flavours balance each other and create a fascinating combo.

6. Banana and cheese

Bananas and cheese are almost never seen together, but it’s nothing more than an oversight. We are sure you can enjoy simply eating a banana and polishing it off with cheese, but there is a clever way to combine both in one tasty dish: a cheese sandwich toast with a sliced banana inside.

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7. Watermelon and salt

Watermelon is a fruit that is impossible to hate. It’s sweet, has a delicate fruity flavour, and is so lightweight that you can easily eat half a watermelon in one sitting. Next time you are enjoying a slice of watermelon, sprinkle it with a little salt to reduce the possible bitterness of watermelon and make it taste even sweeter.

8. Bacon and peanut butter

Bacon and peanut butter are two of the most popular breakfast staples, but they truly elevate each other when used in the same dish. Fans of this combination recommend putting both in a sandwich and adding a sliced banana for an even more memorable flavour.

9. Cheese and jam

Cheese is an easy food product to combine with other products simply because of how versatile it is. Cheese tastes fantastic with salty additions, but it reveals its true depth of flavour when served with sweet condiments. You have probably heard of some cheeses being served with honey, but cheesy + jam is another delicious pairing you need to try.

10. Strawberries and basil

You normally think of basil as a component to salads and other savoury dishes, but when paired with strawberries, it reveals a completely different side of its complex flavour. The easiest way to enjoy this combination is to make a strawberry-basil lemonade, but you can also make ice cream or a cake using these flavours.

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