13 Time-Tested Ways To Use Coke


Chances are, your first date with Coke happened before you turned 10. This is because the popular Coca-Cola logo with white letters in italics against red background is recognized by 93% of the population.

Interestingly enough, coke has initially been created as a Viagra-like syrup and travelled all the way to being the world’s most popular drink sold in every country around the world with two exceptions – Cuba and North Korea. It is hardly surprising as the Coca-Cola Company marketing budget is bigger than that of Apple and Microsoft combined.

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Being as widely spread as the word “okay”, for most of us coke is simply a lifesaver on a hot day. But let’s find out how else coke can be put to good use.

  1. Gum stuck in your hair or shoes? Simply soak the hair or the shoe in coke and wait 20 minutes. The gum will easily come off by itself.
  2. If you are arranging a party outside, pour in a can of coke in a bowl to attract slugs, bees, and other insects. Instead of bothering you and your guests, they will be too busy enjoying a drink.

3. Got bitten by a bee that somehow managed to escape the coke bowl in 2? Apply coke to relieve pain and get rid of swelling before you find a first-aid kit.

4. Remove blood and grease from your dressor T-shirt. Pour some coke on the stain, leave it for 10 minutes, and then clean with soap.

5. Soak your hair in coke for max 15 minutes to get a lighter color after unsuccessful visit to a beauty salon.

6. Coke can be used to de-scale the kettle. Pour in a can of coke in your kettle and leave overnight without heating. Phosphoric acid the soft drink contains will dissolve the scale and let you enjoy clean boiled water in your kitchen.

7. To spice up your dinner, mix a can of coke with ketchup and apply thoroughly this BBQ sauce all over your steak. This will add moderate sweetness to your meal. Enjoy!

8. For similar purpose as in 7, marinate chicken breast in a can of coke mixed with Italian herbs or any type of your favorite spice.

9. If your cooking experiments in 7 and 8 fail and you ended up with a burnt frying pan, pour some coke inside the pan until it covers the bottom. Leave it for 20 minutes and gently remove the burnt pieces with soapy sponge afterwards.

10. Coke is an excellent toilet cleaner. Pour a can of coke inside the bowl and leave it for the night. Rub it in the morning and flush to enjoy white shiny ceramics.

11. To soothe moderate stomach pain and get rid of diarrhea, take small sips of flat coke over the course of 10 minutes.

12. Use coke to clean your tile bathroom floor or grandma’s china to give it a new look.

13. Ready for some fun? Take a classic 2l bottle of Coca-Cola, throw in Mentos, and watch the bubbling fountain bring a smile to your face getting higher and higher.

As you see, coke is a multipurpose drink that can make your household life much easier. And it looks like drinking it shouldn’t necessarily top up the list! What Do you think about using coke for other purposes?

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