Body Positive: 7 Tips To Love Your Body

Perfect bodies exist only in advertising campaigns, but it’s not the reason for people to violate yourself to try to be flawless.

You are beautiful! How to understand it?

JiJi provides you with relevant tips 😉


Mass-media has established a tough standard of beauty which makes people feel uncomfortable and disappointed by themselves.

Therefore, an idea like body positive appeared to cheer everybody up and make you believe you are really special!

Body positive is called for you to embrace yourself as you are and to destroy the stereotypes about beauty. Who invented them and why we have to follow?


Everyone of us was created to resemble the God, so why somebody has the right to decide who is beautiful and who is not?

We have some tips for you to know you’re gorgeous no matter what they say!

1. Embrace your body.

Your weight is just a number, it doesn’t measure the kindness and love you feel and give to others. Love yourself first, and people surrounding you will love you too. Feel comfortable within your body. However, if you love yourself, but you want to change something, do it! We have a lot of tips to employ, so all you need is just a start!

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2. Examine yourself to find 10 favourite traits.

Okey, let’s suppose you don’t like your belly (yet!), but you must have something you adore! For instance, the dimples on the cheeks, the mole in the shape of heart on the knee, the length of your legs… Actually, this list may be endless!

It will definitely help you understand – you are one of the miracles in this world! So be proud and shine with confidence!


3. The true beauty is the beauty of soul.

And don’t forget about it, when a girl with perfect, fit body, but with ugly heart mock at you because you may not fit in the mass-media standards and stereotypes. You can always be yourself! Be sure – you will be happy when you perceive this simple truth of life.

4. Take yourself as a masterpiece.

When you look at the painting, you are unlikely to see the drawbacks, you look at it as a composition.

You are the composition of God, so why do you tend to look for flaws in you? Perceive yourself a complex masterpiece and focus on the advantages!


5. Surround yourself with upbeat people!

You may agree that it’s hard to shine if you are surrounded by people, who don’t believe in you or just don’t respect you. Don’t be afraid to get rid of them!

Instead, you can try to find your soulmate. This person will embrace you even more than you do, and support you. Be brave to change your life!


6. Wear comfortable clothes.

It’s a simple rule to follow, but it’s of great importance. You will feel really better if you are dressed in the manner you like, but not somebody else. Clothes is a way to express yourself, and it’s a way to love yourself – your inner voice isn’t stifled by formal requirements.


7. Pamper yourself!

Don’t treat yourself strictly. You are a person you are supposed to love, but not violate. So, if you desire one more chocolate bar, why not? Taste it with pleasure, not with the feeling of guilt. When you do some trivial, but pleasant things for yourself, you feel much better (and look, too).


If you still hesitating, we recommend you to google for plus-size models and the magazin Dazed & Confuzed.

Look at those women! They adore themselves!

Love yourself with JiJi!