How to Get Perfect Cheeckbones

Nigerian women are the most beautiful in the world. Often we even can’t realise how much. But when woman looks into a mirror, she see her little drawbacks, that nobody can to discern. represents several methods to sculp your face without surgery and expensive procedures! 

If you have plump cheeks, or your cheekbones are not perfect there are several exercises and tricks to make them slim, expressive and give them a clear outline.

So, if you wanna to make your cheekbones look like Agbani Darego, you should work to improve yourself2015-07-29_004022

Our cheek are shaped by bones, hypodermic fat tissue and muscles. When you perform facial exercises, you train your muscles – just like when you work out in gym.

Even if you have flat or concave cheek bones, exercises will improve your skin – enhance blood circulation, smooth wrinkles, keep your face shape in tonus.

What magical exercises do we mean? Almost all of them will make you look silly, so you should find a comfortable place to stay alone with a mirror.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, say “O”. Now put the tongue against the inside of the cheek. The task is not to press the tongue against the cheek, but cheek against the language as closely as possible. Now move the tongue in the cheek and try tense the cheek as strong as possible!
    You need to make about 20 movements on each side of the face – so you maximize worked cheek muscles. You may feel the tension in the lower part of the tongue. This would mean that with this exercise, you are struggling with sagging chin!
  2. Take a deep breath, puff both cheeks. Close lips tight. Now attach the hands to cheeks so that fingers were on the ears. Press down on the cheeks and cheek must resist this pressure. Hold 5-6 seconds, then relax your face. Repeat 5-10 times.
  3. Strain the muscles of the face and said slowly, “O”, “U”, “I”, try to open mouth wide. Muscles should be tensed.
  4. faceMake the fish face and try to smile for 6-8 sec. Then try to puff on cheek, than another. Repeat ten times.
  5. DisgustTense your chin like if you say “ugh, how disgusting”. Hold 10 sec. Repeat 10 times. This will train your neck muscles.
  6. Wide smile. Smile to show all your teeth, like Cheshire Cat! Repeat light version during a day.)) african-american-woman-smiling-6
  7. Gather lips into a tube, do your best to stretch them, you should feel the muscles tighten – do widest circular motion clockwise (20-30 laps) – than counterclockwise (the same amount).
  8. At the end take a heavy stick, pen, put it on the upper lip and clamp it in the nasolabial folds. The harder your pen, the more difficult to keep it, – more effectively your muscles will work. Hold it in a position at least 3 minutes.

Take care of your skin – if you have possibility – regularly visit cosmetologist and dermatologist, do home procedures, face massage with natural oils.

Even Agbani Darego use several tricks to emphasize her cheekbones.

maxresdefaultThere are a lot of tutorials and guides how to contour face. On you can find everything for perfect makeup!  Learn to use highlighter, concealer, bronzer and create your own unique look.

Ideal solution for sculptural cheekbones become dark powder or bronzer completed with a brush with a beveled edge. 2f74e0cf2f9b5c2586e2192399ba0f62Stand in front of a mirror to retract limit cheeks or open mouth as if pronouncing the letter “O”, and draw a diagonal line barely visible under the cheekbone from the temple toward the chin.

Once you have done this, a little shade a line and a blend to transition was not visible. On the “apples” of the cheeks can cause pink blush. But the main thing is not to overdo it and make the transition from one color to another as negligible as possible. For the finishing touches, you can use shimmer or highlighter.


Another trick – hairstyle

The most obvious way to visually pull the face and remove excess volume – haircut that starts from the middle of the cheek. If you straighten the hair, the effect will be more obvious, though curls also will make your cheekbones sculptural.

Different braids and hairstyles wich “open” your face also will accentuate your cheekbones.

If you have occasion – wear gele. It is very stylish and womanly.

Wearing gele you’ll be queen of the day – national motives are in trend.

Stay pretty with!

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