How To Make A Fortune By The Age Of 30

If you are young, smart and ambitious, then it’s a high time to start thinking about your future. Don’t waste a minute, read these simple 5 tips and bring them into life.

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1) Start earning & saving money right away

In order to grow something big you should start from something small. In the financial world if you want to get income, you should start from simply earning money. It can be one of the ways such as freelance, online services, part-time job and other ways to make some quick cash.

TRPT8t_ybtQWhen you finally made up your mind with the choice of work you’ll be having, you better start saving your earnings. The best advice to save successfully is to spend less than you earn.


2) Make investments

qB7FX2-Z6_wThe cash you earned shouldn’t be sent to the box under your bed. Remember – money must be working all the time. Of course you can open a deposit account in a bank but the best way to make your money bring you some profit is to invest.

One of the good spheres where to invest are startups. The most important thing is to find the right one, the one that won’t fail and shut down in a couple of months and so you lose all of your investments.

If you like to play big games and have got a plenty large enough amount of cash, you may try to invest in real estate. But for this you should get yourself prepared with a sufficient doze of knowledge in this sphere as if you know nothing you have all chances to go bust.


You may also start your own company. If you are enough creative and ambitious why not begin with your own business?

3) Don’t splash the plastic

If you successfully implied the two abovementioned advices and are doing well out of your business, don’t hurry to spend all you have earned. It’s comprehendible that you are young, ambitious and warm blooded. You want to buy many new fashion clothes and accessories, wear a rich perfume, and attend all the parties your friends invite you to.


But stop for a moment and calm down. Try to fight your consumer instincts a bit and remember that rich people buy things that they need to make money while poor people buy things to make rich people richer. Agree, it’s a pretty worthy statement. Leisure is overrated anyway.



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4) Choose your future occupation accurately

The first step to be made while choosing your future profession is studying well at school. No, we are not talking about getting good marks. We are talking about developing in you a skill of getting the necessary information. This you can achieve through reading the right books and through participating in extracurricular activities which will broaden your world perception. Besides, you get a chance to make new acquaintances and friends who you can establish a new business with.


Besides, in the era of high technology and Internet you get an access to the information about labor market. You have an opportunity to monitor the information about the most highly paid jobs and so you can study for your own perspective. There are also many social networks where you may chat with people worldwide questioning them about their professions and making essential conclusions for yourself.


5) Learn from the rich

qKPS4wIJe-0There are many people who managed to become milliners and billionaires in their youth. You are also capable to do so but first you should research the people who did it and get to learn how. Read stories of their success and take some of their advices. Imagine like you have already achieved something big and make a vision for yourself how would it look like and what steps would you make on your way up.

Create a network of people sharing the same point of view as you do. The more same thinkers there are, the more ideas you will gain how to start earning more.


Don’t break connections with your classmates, previous and current co-workers as you never know when they might be of a great use on your way to making a fortune.

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