How To Rent A Car For Your Vacation

If you are going travelling or dream of a euro trip for a long time, get acquainted with our review of one of the best car hire place.

Instability on a foreign exchange market caused a price rise for trips, so many tourists make their choice to organize their own travelling. If you think through the details beforehand, your expenditures will be the minimal. So, knowing several lifehacks you can get a cheap car, and learning the feedbacks you can reserve a good but budget hostel. Using a tourist card you can easily visit the main places of interest, and hiring a car you are able to watch many cities and even the whole country.

The last advantage is especially of current importance if you are going to spend your holiday in Europe. It is better to get acquainted with the Old World driving a car: you will need to adjust to a schedule of the excursion buses and crowd with large suitcases in a public transport. You will find a speed of the trip and choose an actual route by your own.

The main thing is “not to solve a problem off the cuff”. If you want to reserve the car advantageously, do not run to the first hiring company. Study the feedbacks, compare the prices and formalize the hire yet at home. The service will help you.

All the cars in one place is a leading company at the hiring market. It works in 75 countries all over the world and cooperate with such hiring companies: Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Sixt, Europcar, National, Thrifty, etc. Each of the rollermen has his reputation which is reflected in the rating during the searching process.


The searching process is pretty simple and very detailed. The first of all you set the main parameters: the place of car hiring and the hiring term.

There will be hundreds of offers. In order to find something for you use filters. For instance, you can specify the size and measures of your future car. advice: for a summer trip along the narrow streets in the European cities you should better tiny cars with a air-conditioner. Then you will not face troubles with parking.

You may also sort the offers according to:

  • Additional services: a navigator, a personal driver, a child safety seat and so on.
  • Fuel matter of the company: some offer paying for fuel when taking the car, others ask to return the car without fuel, or, vice versa, with a full tank.
  • Type of a place to get the car: at the airport or in the city centre.
  • The name of the hiring company, in case you have already used to some definite company’s services.


As a result, about twenty offers will remain, so your choice will be much easier.

Without notes at the margins

Some hiring aggregating agents do not give clients the full information. On the website you see only advantages, but your responsibilities are showed in a voucher with a small font.

In the service you will find no “notes at the margins” – all the conditions are mentioned. There is a great choice of cars, as well. However, you should understand that sometimes roller men give you not the same car you ordered, but the car with the similar characteristics. advice: if the car model is based on your principles, find a note “Guaranteed car model”.


All inclusive work is based on the “all inclusive” principle. It means that during the searching process you see almost the final price of the car. It includes:

  1. Limitless mileage (the price depends on the hiring time and not on the distance);
  2. All the taxes and duties (including the local VAT and airport taxes);
  3. Insurances with franchises: TPL, CDW, TP.
  4. Twenty-four-hour support provided by the service and the local roller man (in case of a breakdown).


The prices are 90% lower than in others hiring companies. is a broker. It provides its roller men with a client flow, and the roller men give more advantageous conditions for their clients. Sometimes they can give different discounts and sometimes – free services.

Can there appear any additional expenses? Yes. There are two cases: fuel payment and the case when you break the rules in the contract damaging the car or return it in improper form.

You can pay for your reservation with cards: Visa and MasterCard. However, you will probably need a credit card because the hiring company will need to block a certain sum on it and then, when you return the car, the company will “unfreeze” it. advice: most banks issue credit cards with a null limit passing them as if the debit ones. In order to check which type of a card you have use the service

Even if you have already performed the payment, you can change your order or cancel it at all for free during 48 hours. You can do it with in “My reservations” function.


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