What Do You Need To Know Before Installing Windows 10?

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Before the release of the new operating system from Microsoft left a little time. As we know from available information, in Windows 10 we are waiting for a lot of interesting features and updated applications. It is very actual question from users – should they upgrade Windows or not? JiJi.ng gives you answers for the main questions.


What is new in the latest version?

In developing the new version of the operating system, Microsoft gives access to pre-assembly tester. Based on their feedback, there were added new features and bugs were eliminated, so it’s logical to expect that Windows 10 will be able to meet our expectations.

Windows 10 Preview with Joe Belfiore

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Here are just a small list of innovations that await us in the final release:

  • the return of the Start menu;
  • the emergence of a voice assistant Cortana;
  • completely new browser Edge, it replaces the IE;
  • a single user interface and applications for all devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones);
  • a new distribution model, which assumes a free upgrade for users of previous versions.


At the moment, these and many other innovations allow us to assume that the final version of Windows 10 may well repeat the success of Windows 7, and become the new darling of the users.

What are the system requirements for installing Windows 10?

On the official website of Microsoft there is such information: if your computer meets the requirements for Windows 8.1, then it is enough to install a new version of the system.


However, if you think it’s to little of this information, here is a more detailed list of the necessary settings for your computer:

  • CPU: not less than 1 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit systems).
  • Free hard drive space: 16 GB.
  • Video: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 with the driver WDDM.

In addition, you necessarily need a Microsoft account and access to the Internet.

Does my computer fits to Windows 10?

For all users who don’t know all represent list of system requirements, or are afraid of any surprises after upgrading system, Microsoft has prepared a special tool called Get Windows 10.

It will automatically appear on all computers that suitable for installing a new operating system version. The prerequisite for this is the availability of network connectivity and active status of Automatic Updates.


This application is used to create backup copies of your data, contains additional information about Windows 10 and checks the compatibility of your device with Windows 10.

In addition, the system will be tested for the presence of common problems of compatibility with the installed applications, peripherals and computer components.

What else do you need to know before using Windows 10?

You will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Windows in several different ways.

If you are currently using Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1, you will receive a Windows 10 as a free update through Windows Update. It is necessary to know the following:

  1. The update should be performed during the first 12 months after the final release of Windows 10.
  2. Owners of licensed versions can upgrade to Windows 10, and will continue to receive free updates in its full life cycle of the entire period.
  3. Position the company with respect to holders of unlicensed copies of Windows is always changing. According to recent data, they still can get top 10, but it will display a constant warning against the use of stolen software. However, closer to the release date of the final version of this information can still be refined.
  4. Users of Windows XP and Vista will be able to install Windows 10 only if the technical specifications of their devices meet the minimum requirements. Then it will be performed a clean installation of the system rather than upgrade of the previous version.
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 will be released in several different versions: Windows 10 Home, Mobile, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise, Education. For more information about the differences between them can be found in the company’s blog.


These are all currently available information regarding the installation and upgrade of the operating system Windows 10. Judging by the fact that Microsoft plans to make this be the latest release in the history of Windows and in the future Microsoft will maintain constantly using the update system, so sooner or later, most users will have to work with Windows 10.

What do you think about the new release? Write us in comments, please.

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