Change Your Life In 4 Weeks


Just a month of independent work and your life will change for the better! I can confidently promise all those who is going to perform the following plan that you won’t recognize yourself in a month.

So, there are three tasks for each week of the plan that must be introduced in your live. And you should implement them throughout the month. Ideally it must be even longer, but it’s up to you.

Week 1. Clean the body and mind



Wake up early, around 6 am. At once you have time for yourself, which is never through the day. As a result – you can do your own things in peace and quiet, while everyone else asleep. This is an ideal time for morning practices and to configure your body to live the day at all 100%. Laziness and unwillingness to get up early – is not an indicator of fatigue. It is rather something that prevents you from living at full power.

Facilitate meals. We will need an enormous amount of energy for the coming changes. Perhaps now it is being spent to maintain our body in a normal functioning condition despite the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, heavy fatty foods, pastries, sweets and so on. Everyone has his personal list of such weaknesses. All of this we need to exclude. We also need to reduce portions and don’t load up before going to bed. As for the rest – just listen to your body or nutritionist.

Sport. Tonus and health of the physical body – is an obligatory condition for spiritual health. And as you know, life lies in movement. Start practicing yoga, fitness, dance or something else.

Week 2. Cleaning space, affairs and surroundings



Cleaning space. Throw away everything! Establish order in all the corners, on all tables in all the cabinets, in a word – in all places. Just think – even the smallest thing in your home takes not only a piece of the place, but also a piece of your energy. Leave only really useful and necessary things, things that are pleasing for you.

Cleaning affairs and liabilities. Remember how many years you are going to learn English. How many points from New Year’s Eve plan you transferred to each fresh list? Think of all these promises given to yourself and others. And decide what to do with them. There are two options: (1) to do them, (2) abandon them forever.

Cleaning surroundings. You should finish all the relationships that pull you back, into depression. Refuse from communications with those who have always criticized you and always dissatisfied with everything.

Week 3. Plans, goals and dreams



Record and execute plans. We already have a list of cases from the previous week. What do you think about it? Does it feel you with joy, enthusiasm and a desire to get to work? If not, perhaps you should delete from it a few more points. Or you can perform them, and then delete. In both cases you will find a surge of strength and desire to live. Don’t forget to plan not only work and money, but also rest time with friends and beloved ones and time for yourself.

List of incredible dreams. The main thing is that you should write a list of your dreams that will never come true. Well, they must be such steep and so worldly that it’s even hard to imagine their performance.

Plan on a daily basis. Write a plan for the next day every evening. Short, rough, whatever – but the plan must be. Even if you won’t remember about the existence of this plan on the next day, your productivity will significantly increase.

Week 4. Expand borders



Try to live differently. Go to work by the new road. Go to an unfamiliar cafe or very expensive shop. Try new kind of sport. Try to do things that you have never done before.

Get out of your comfort zone. Are you afraid of heights? Go skydiving. Are you afraid of the boss – go to him with fresh ideas. Are you afraid of unfamiliar companies – go to a party, in an unfamiliar company.

Relax. I hope, you don’t think that you must only work. Just rest outside the home and disconnect the Internet.