How To Check Up Your Hearing At Home

Taking into consideration the noise around and the loud music in your headphones it is not a surprise that your hearing can get worse. We gathered some useful applications for iOS and Android designed by professional medical establishments. With the help of these programs you will easily check up your level of hearing and get to know whether it is within normal range.

The applications we will talk about will help find out whether your hearing is great or not. If your results are far away from the optimal ones, there is a sense to visit a doctor.



The uHear application indicates the perceptibility of your hearing, as well as how you become adapted to the surrounding noise. The first test takes about 5 minutes, the next one – not more than 1 minute. Each test requires headphones plus you will be offered to choose their type: earbuds or headphones.

The test defines your perceptibility of each ear separately. It is achieved due to performing the noises of different frequency and indicating the upper and the lower limit of your hearing.

[appbox appstore 309811822 screenshots]


Hörtest for Android works similarly. You need to push the button every time you hear the sound in your headphones. Do not trick yourself by pushing the button for improving your results. You pass the test for yourself, don’t you?

[appbox googleplay mobile.eaudiologia screenshots]

Mimi Hearing Test

Mimi Hearing Technologies is a company which produces the equipment for deaf people. If you have an iOS device, I would recommend testing yourself. The program works similarly to the previous application’s mechanism. Each time you hear any sound you push the Left or the Right button.


The test result will show your age based on the perceptibility of your hearing. If it coincides with your real hearing – my congratulations! If the difference is pretty big, you should visit a doctor.

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If you do not have the iOS or Android devices, you can use the following video test on YouTube. Like in the previous tests, the headphones are obligatory.

How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

MUST WATCH IN 1080p AND USE HEADPHONES* How high can you hear? Take this ‘test’ to see how old your ears are! SUBSCRIBE (it’s free!): NOTE: The 19,000 Hz frequency has been lost due to YouTube compressing the file. Follow us!!

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