5 High Demand Jobs in Nigeria in 2015

All professions are needed. But labor market dictates its own conditions – therefore international analytical companies year by year present us ratings of most popular professions.


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Please welcome TOP-5 most wanted and highly paid vacancies in Nigeria in 2015:

  • Hackers and Software Programmers, IT Security Analysts;
  • Engineers – Petroleum/Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical;
  • Project Managers;
  • IT/Telecom Engineers;
  • Commercial Pilots.

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Hackers And Software Programmers, IT Security Analysts

Software Programmers 3

The importance of computer and Internet technologies is growing by leaps and bounds today. Programmers and software developers like to joke that “if you haven`t learned something new today -tomorrow you will be unemployed”. Well, there is some truth behind every joke!

Software Programmers 6

Software Programmers 5

In Nigeria the sphere, where “computer bright minds” work, is actively looking for professionals, who are savvy in Javascript, PHP, Java and JQuery. It is quite difficult to find a good programmer in Nigeria today – so, if you are one of those brilliant hackers – you can boldly occupy the niche!

Software Programmers 2

Software Programmers 1

An increasing number of corporations are engaged in own online business, therefore today there is a need for people who can automate online business activity and improve its security. Of course, you should be able to protect your corporate information from your unscrupulous “co-workers”!

Average annual salary – N 2.8 – N6.48 millions.

Software Programmers 4

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Engineers – Petroleum/Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical

Engineers 2

Today the salaries of highly skilled engineers in oil and gas industry in Nigeria beat the records. In fact, all of them are certified professionals, who have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and who are ready for irregular working hours.

Engineers 3

Engineers 4

According to data given by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, in order to provide the world with the necessary amount of energy today and in the future, the need in Petroleum Engineers will raise by 38%.

Engineers 5

Engineers 6

Petroleum engineers are searching for oil and gas fields, their development and operation; they also have the responsibility to rebuild the territory after completion of drilling operations. They are innovators, who use cutting-edge technologies to develop new methods of oil detection and well drilling. The profession of petroleum engineer involves many different specializations, but all of them serve one purpose – providing the world with energy and preserving the environment for future generations.

Average annual salary – N3.5 – N6.5 millions.

Engineers 1
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Project Managers

Project Managers 3

Junior project manager can be the head of one or two divisions, and senior project manager can supervise such tasks as opening and establishment of a new factory or starting a new telecommunication product.

Project Managers 4


This is a very responsible position – because project manager is a specialist, who is in charge for successful project execution. He should possess the necessary knowledge and experience, and be able to quickly respond to changing circumstances.

This person manages all the processes of the project and the final result depends on his work. The project manager’s career path always leads to top management and toward projects of a larger budget.

Project Managers 1
Project Managers 6

Some of the most attractive salaries today can be seen in such spheres as Oil & Gas, banking, telecom, pharmaceuticals, insurance, building and construction, manufacturing, FCMG.

The salary of a project manager may vary, depending on various responsibilities, manager`s level, profitability level of the company and the number of projects.

Average annual salary – N 3.0 – N 6.50 millions.

Project Managers 5
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IT/Telecom Engineers

IT Telecom Engineers 6

On one hand, this specialization is extremely in demand today, because it is difficult to imagine a more rapidly growing market than the IT market. On the other hand, it is one of those highly paid jobs!

By the way, the fact that IT has forward-looking prospects means that you can have a sense of security!

IT Telecom Engineers 2

IT Telecom Engineers4

In recent past there was a boom in Nigerian telecommunication industry. As a result IT/telecom engineers are in demand today. There are four giants of industry – MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat, but there are also other companies.

IT Telecom Engineers5

IT Telecom Engineers 1

Professionals with experience of more than 5 years are usually invited for the position of leading (senior) engineer. Such experts possess sufficient expertise to be technical “gurus” of the project, to know the details of implementation of SW/HW solutions, to participate in architecting, writing test tasks and scenarios (in quality assurance departments). Also, engineer needs English as a work tool for conduction of joint discussion of projects and for business correspondence.

Average annual salary – N 3.5 – N 7millions.

IT Telecom Engineers 3
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Commercial Pilots

Pilots 4

Aviation in Nigeria is another rapidly growing sphere today. There appear more and more aircrafts of domestic and international airlines in Nigerian airspace.

Pilots 2

Pilots 1.jpg 4

The more responsibility you have, the bigger are rewards – and it has always been like this. Imagine how high is the responsibility of a large commercial airliner pilot who has 1000 passengers on board!

Pilots 5

Pilots 6

If you have experience and skills, you can easily get the job in most attractive companies – Air Nigeria, Arik Air, First Nation Airways. And have a “celestial level” salary!

Average annual salary – N 3.4 – N 7,4 millions.

Pilots 3

It is not enough just to get a good education, and to be talented and experienced in your sphere, in order to quickly find a good job, you should know where to look for it!


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