Top 7 Nigeria’s Guinness World Records

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Entering Guinness Book of Records isn’t a daily routine. Every nation would like to be positively mentioned in the book and leave a trace in world’s history. Nigeria isn’t an exception. Let’s find out the world records Nigeria has set and can be proud of. It’ll take only a minute!

Record 1: The largest tooth brushing.

Around 300, 000 students have gathered together at various locations at the same time throughout the country. They all had their tooth brushes and tooth paste with them and became world leaders moving India to the second place.


Record 2: The largest jersey.

Nigeria has defeated Turkey by presenting the biggest jersey in the world in support of the Super Eagles team. The size of the jersey was truly amazing with almost 75m in width and nearly 90m in length.


Record 3: The largest mosquito net.

Roughly 200 school students have created the largest mosquito net in the world to draw public attention to the problem of malaria which kills around 1 million people in Africa annually. The presentation was attended by the first lady Stella Obasanjo and widely covered in mass media.


Record 4: The longest rapping.

At O MTV Awards Chiddy Bang hit the world record by spending almost 10 hours performing rap dance. This has become the longest dance in the history and was broadcasted live by local media around the world.


Record 5: The longest choreographic dance.

At the Nokia Silverbird Dancethon Kaffy and her group spent over 52 hours dancing which helped them enter the Guinness Book of Records immediately.


Record 6: The most numerous choir.

Nigeria has become the global leader in Christmas carol singing performed by almost 25,300 people. The record previously belonged to a choir from Columbia numbering slightly more than 15,000 singers. The singing lasted for 20 minutes.


Record 7: Twin wedding.

Two twin sisters married two twin brothers at a double wedding attended. This was the first time ever recorded in history and Nigeria in particular.


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