Your Complete Guide To Tecno Smartphones

It’s safe to say that no other brand has managed to earn popularity so big and fast as Tecno. Tecno smartphones can be found everywhere, and the number of Tecno fans is growing every day. And what’s not to like? Affordably priced, widely available and beautifully styled phones with great specifications have found their way into the hearts of Nigerian smartphone buyers.

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Are you looking for a new smartphone and considering Tecno as your brand of choice? Then check out this complete guide, ranked from lowest to highest price!

Tecno P3

Tecno P3 largely resembles the Tecno N3. Both of these models are widely popular among Nigerians thanks to their reasonable pricing, bright and clear 3.5” display, 3 megapixel camera, 3G capabilities, 512MB of RAM, and a powerful processor. If you’re looking for a phone to use every day, the P3 should be your top choice.


Get Tecno P3 here; prices begin at ?6,000.

Tecno S3

Another successful member of the Tecno lineup, the Tecno S3 dual-SIM phone offers its owners the same high level of quality and specs buyers are used to. The 4GB ROM can be expanded to 32GB with the help of a memory card. The 2.0MP rare-facing camera plus the 0.3MP front camera will let you capture every valuable moment of your life and view it on the S3’s 3.5” sensitive touchscreen.


Buy Tecno S3 here; prices begin from ?6,000.

Tecno N3

Tecno N3 is not just another cheap smartphone – in fact, it was the first Tecno smartphone with Android as its operating system. With a 3.5” LCD display, 512MB RAM, and opportunity to extend memory to 32GB, Tecno N3 has everything a modern smartphone user may need.


Buy Tecno N3 here; prices start from ?6,500.

Tecno H3

Tecno H3 was a welcome addition to the variety of Tecno smartphones. For many buyers its most attractive feature is the design: the soft touch material of the body, along with a more durable screen, appealed to a lot of users. Other upgrades from the previous versions include longer battery life, high-res dual camera, and detailed 3.5” display. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone, you can’t go wrong with Tecno H3.


Tecno H3 can be bought here; prices start at ?10,000.

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Tecno H6

Tecno H6 has major similarities to another hit Tecno model, the Tecno H5, although Tecno H6 is more advanced both in terms of styling and performance. One of the biggest improvements is its longer battery life, which will allow you to use your smartphone more without constantly looking for a charger. Other specs include the latest Android OS, 8GB memory capacity with support for 32GB memory cards, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and better camera.


Get Tecno H6 here; prices begin at ?14,000.

Tecno S5

One of the latest Tecno releases is the S5, a smartphone that can compete in terms of design and specifications with the high end smartphones in the market. Released as an update to Tecno S3, the S5 is equipped with a 5MP camera (+flash), and 1.2MP front camera, 4.5” colourful display, 1.3GHz processor, the latest Android OS, and 3G capabilities. And don’t forget about the dual-SIM option!


Tecno S5 can be bought here; prices start at ?15,000.

Tecno L7

With the pre-installed latest version of Android, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, Tecno L7 surpassed every expectation. No matter what you primarily use your smartphone for: texting, business, taking photos, listening to music or playing – your L7 will excel in any challenge, much like the other smartphones in Tecno’s lineup.


Tecno L7 can be found here; prices start from ?18,000.

Tecno F6

Tecno F6, along with its predecessor Tecno F5, were released by Tecno as a competition to another smaprthone that is widely popular in Nigeria – the Infinix Zero. The Tecno F6’s bright, sharp and responsive display has the size of 4.7”; the quad-core processor with 1GB RAM can take on any challenge. Preserve your memories with two high resolution cameras and store files using the F6’s 16GB ROM.


Find Tecno F6 here; prices begin from ?22,000.

Tecno Phantom Z A7

Although Tecno is mostly famous for producing affordable smartphones perfect for everyday use, once in a while the brand releases a groundbreaking model that every smartphone buyer is dreaming of. Tecno Phantom Z A7 is one of those groundbreaking smartphones, and, perhaps, the best Tecno smartphone produced to date. The most desirable specs include 2GB RAM, HD AMOLED durable display, 16GB and 8GB cameras, and powerful battery. The Phantom Z A7 is definitely here to stay!


Tecno Phantom Z A7 can be found here; prices start at ?30,000.

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