What Do Greeting Cards Really Mean?

http://spravka.ua/thumbnail.php?size=700&path=http://spravka.ua/company/pphoto/d6/d62/d621e09501247803cd9e8ed9b0f14582.jpg&fid=347863&md=a8d5d0b3b0e73b77d0cb311da0d53675Since ancient times, in order to express feelings or express sympathy for a particular person, we use the cards. Today, there is a huge variety of cards for any occasions. These cards can be added to the main gift, help to show respect to the person and express different wishes. Card – it’s just a bright, beautiful picture, which may, surprise and please the person to whom it was presented.

Let’s discover the magic of paper cards together with JiJi!

http://eurotorg.com.ua/images/stories/virtuemart/product/504.jpgAll cards are bought for various holidays just to do something nice for a friend, because attention is always nice.

This detail is always present in the gift. Most often, the person who was presented with a gift, looking for a card to understand from whom is this gift and read nice wishes addressed to him alone. In drawing up the present, you can forget about everything – about packaging, flowers, chocolates, but not about the card.

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http://f9.ifotki.info/org/95cebb88421479e4cb69d309f7552cc8bc81d6100220872.jpgNo matter what meaning card carries – business, romantic, comic – it should be beautiful and to bring only positive emotions. http://dom.ya1.ru/uploads/posts//1292850519_9.jpgDepending on the purpose for whom the card is intended, there are some requirements for appearance and content. For example, if the card is intended for personal holiday, it should be bright and full of positive emotions, supported by the relevant text. http://www.yandanilov.com/products_pictures/2_609sh_b.JPG

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Often text is printed, but you should always add some words from yourself. Write, what is the occasion of presenting this card, date, your name, your wishes and draw some funny sketch. Most of people keep cards for a decades. And after years, reading such congratulations we feel happier.

The most precious are cards, made by your own hands – they show your attention, feelings and treatment.

On the next page are some easy ideas of touching cards!Postcard with spring

Take two red squares. Draw a heart on a spiral. It is no more difficult than usual to draw a spiral in a circle, just another form. Now cut a spiral of our heart, will long strip. More precisely, the twostrips. They both end in neat little hearts that need to be glued together.

valtnt_15Now cut a rectangle of white cardboard, fold it in half in the form of postcard. Stick spirl as on the picture.Voila!

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Most of all girls will appreciate the basket in the form of hearts with candies.

It is better to use two-side  and multi-colored cardboard. The circuit is attached below.
????????? ?????? ??????The inner side wall of the heart need to be fixed by tape, and you can hang them anywhere,don’t forget to fill both halves with candies,  nuts in chocolate, etc.



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Have a sweet St. Valentine’s Day with JiJi!

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