7 Hidden Signs Of Depression You Need To Know

When it comes to a depressive state, a gloomy, apathetic person is the first thing that comes to our mind; but also, there is so-called hidden depression (a «masked» one).

A person in such a state hides his feelings deep inside, often not even realizing that something is wrong with him. This is the most terrible thing: neither the surrounding people nor the person himself does not see the problem, which means that they do not try to solve it!

Now we will talk about 7 signs that will help you to realize that you or someone around you has the depression.

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hidden signs of depression

1. Sudden bursts of emotions

If you notice that your friend (colleague, relative) often cries for no reason or he can be rude, then this may be a symptom of hidden depression.

After a splash of emotions, the person usually calms down, referring to fatigue, problems at work and more.

how to know you are depressed

2. Too bad or too good appetite

People with hidden depression often eat too much or too little. They may have a tendency to refuse to eat (anorexia) or to eat large amounts of food, but then to quickly get rid of it (bulimia), or to overeat.

hidden depression signs

3. Lack of adequate response

Having a depression, a person differently perceives the surrounding reality.

He can start to agree with everyone, he can stop expressing his opinions and talking about his desires, stop reacting to the offenses and even stop feeling pain in situations where the pain is inevitable – for example, in case of loss of loved ones.

hidden depression symptoms

4. Sleep disorders

A person with depression often falls asleep quickly, hoping to hide from anxiety, but his sleep is disturbed, and he wakes up too quickly.

Another «option» is a long sleep: the person is constantly drowsy, weak and he can sleep more than 15 hours a day.

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depression signs and symptoms

5. OCD

Often, people with depression are permanently counting something (for example, people on the street in white clothes, pages in a book), twitching eyebrows (a lip, neck, etc.), make rhythmic knocks on the various subject (for example, the table).

You just can’t miss this sign!

depression ocd anxiety

6. Philosophical mood and constant search for the meanings

People with depression feel even bigger pain after thinking about the meaning of life.

As a rule, it is not enough for them to rejoice at some trifles (like a good day in the park). Everyday things can seem to them a little pleasing, but can’t bring satisfaction, they constantly feel incompleteness.

hidden depression symptoms

7. Seek support

In some cases, a person with latent depression may make some hints to his friends or relatives about his heartache. Therefore, if you suspect that a friend or relative has hidden depression, that rare frank conversations may be the symptoms of it.

So keep that in mind if your friends do so.

hidden signs of depression

8 Things People With Hidden Depression Do

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