7 Money Habits You Should Break Right Now!

30 years is a good age to rethink your life, draw conclusions and start doing something new. At the same time it is important to get rid of many things that prevent you from developing yourself including breaking the bad habits that hinder your financial growth.

Now we will tell you about 7 tips on how to get rid of bad habits concerning spending your money.

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1. How to break bad habits #1: Stop spending money on «fast fashion» items

“Fast fashion” is a concept that describes the rapid production of clothing by retailers corresponding to the latest trends from the shows of famous designers. You have to stop buying this clothing.

A survey conducted in 2015 among nearly 2,000 women showed that most people wear them 5-7 times per season. It is better to buy high-quality clothes that you can wear for a long time!

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2. How to stop bad habits #2: Stop drinking cheap alcohol

Drinking alcohol is generally harmful to health (and of course you remember that you are only allowed to do it when you turn 18). But things get even worse when you consume cheap drinks.

The best way to break a habit is to start buying the expensive, elite alcohol drinks: drinking high-quality alcohol, you will spend your time with pleasure and you will do it less frequently.

3. How to get rid of bad habits #3: Stop doing things that you are «supposed» to do

You should not do the things you don’t want/don’t need to do!

For example, if everyone goes to a party or to a restaurant, and you have different plans, opt for doing things you have planned to do. Do not try to please someone to your detriment!

4. Breaking bad habits #4: Start collecting bonuses

Usually, young people travel a lot. The sooner you will become a member of the various loyalty programs, offered by different companies, the more bonuses you can get and the more money you can save!

The same applies to loyalty programs, offered by banks, stores, and other companies. With the help of these loyalty programs, in several years you can save a huge sum of money.

5. How to get rid of bad habits #5. Stop eating often (or just) in restaurants and cafes

It is OK to eat in cafes and buy ready-made foods every day if you are a student. But when you are a grown-up, you should learn to cook healthy food yourself. Make it a good habit, not an exception!

6. How to break bad habits #6: Stop ignoring health issues

By this age it is necessary, for example, to start training, to get a medical check-up. Feel free to do this!

7. How to stop bad habits #7. Start planning your costs

If you do not have enough money until you get the next salary, then immediately begin to plan your budget, learn how to make savings and look for the new sources of income. Do it now, because the next stage is living in debt.

8. How to get rid of bad habits in 21 days

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