Everyday Lifehacks: How To Be More Productive At Work

Even ingenious brain cannot work super actively every day. But brilliant people know what things have positive and negative effect on their effectiveness.


And we want to share these life hacks with you!


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Let’s see what tricks for being a cool businessman are out there?

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Assign not only the beginning, but also the end of the meeting


Such frameworks not only allow your colleagues to plan their time, but also help to discipline the participants. Do not forget to inform about the time of the meeting conclusion to all the participants.

Moreover, you can show your business approach and show that you are the master of the situation!

Get rid of the factors that can distract you


Of course, you can’t work a full day without a break to chat with a colleague or in a social network. The best way out is to eliminate all the distractions.

If you are not able to avoid it, set the time-frames. For example, you can read the news for 10 minutes early in the day, spend time with a cup of coffee and gossips with colleagues immediately after lunch, and spend 15 minutes on social networks at the end of a day.

Assign an unusual time to begin business meetings


Delay is the most common problem in the business world, where time is money. For example, you can assign business rendezvous at 15.17. This way you can enable colleagues to demonstrate their punctuality and the seriousness of intentions to meet you. Besides, it is a clear hint to others – not to be late. Moreover, there will be an extra reason to take a look at their watch!

Take the advantage of modern technologies


Every year there is a new software, which is created to optimize the workflow. There are many ways to improve the way you work, and you should definitely try at least some of the programs and applications for a smartphone.

Work at home

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In large cites renting an office can be very expensive. So, building office in your house or in the basement has many advantages:

  • it is cheaper;
  • there is always the possibility to comfortably take a shower, especially when it`s hot;
  • a possibility to cook;
  • no transport costs;
  • you can choose when to work.

Place in the sun


A good location of the office is a huge part of your success:

  • natural light is the best for you, and will allow you to save;
  • sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, which has a positive impact on your wellbeing;
  • your eyesight will be grateful to you;
  • your biorhythms will work correctly.

What other tricks you should know to be a good employee?

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Meditate in your workplace


Meditation and concentration exercises are just great to refresh your thoughts during the day. By the way, this is what Steve Jobs did while working on his projects.

The research shows that even a few minutes of meditation lower stress levels and improve the ability to concentrate. Meditating, you stop worrying, and it saves you a lot of energy.

Ask applicants to send you handwritten CVs


It will surprise most of the applicants – why would you need such an old way of making CVs http://jiji.ng/seeking-work-cvs, when there is a computer and an e-mail out there??

But you will hit two birds with one stone:

  • get rid of lazy, impatient and not so smart people;
  • and show your level of sophistication.

Hiring a personal assistant


Many people think that they don’t have an extra money for that, but they would be surprised how much money they spend due to lack of time!

A personal assistant won`t “cost” you that much. But he will take on lots of chores, and you will be able to fully devote yourself to profitable large projects!

May I lie down?


One of the characters in Strugatsky brothers book started any meeting in this position. Why? In this position it is much easier to:

  • talk on the phone;
  • think over the project;
  • watch videos and photos;
  • make the notes;
  • plan.

Buy yourself a comfortable sofa!

I would rather stand up!


Bureau (and later, portable tables) was invented for people to work in a standing position. Why not buy such a desk in addition to the usual office desk?

In standing position the processes in the body are more active, and your thoughts, accordingly, are more active as well. In addition, you have less risk to acquire a big butt.

Being on the go

Man in a gym running on a treadmill.

Buy yourself a treadmill! It is very healthy – there is no doubt.

What can you do effectively, while walking? You can:

  • make the phone interviews;
  • record audio documents, or materials of the book;
  • listen to the audiobooks and audio meetings;
  • think over the important issues.


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