How Do I Eat It? Healthy Food Lifehacks You Have Never Heard About

Culinary is a pleasure for people who have a talent to cook. But that’s only in case if you know the secrets of simple and rapid preparation of ingredients … otherwise, this daily process can become a living hell for you! No wonder that chefs do not spoil their hands with it!



This post will help you save a lot of time and learn to enjoy the process of cooking your favorite food.




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Separate the head of cabbage

Really, you are not a rabbit to gnaw on it! So, to separate the head, simply hit it on a table as hard as you can.

Peel off the ginger using a spoon

Using a knife you can cut off a lot of extra stuff. And you’re a thrifty bro, aren`t you?


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The cake won`t grow stale, if you

Attach to the place of the cut several pieces of bread with toothpicks. So this way bread will grow stale, and the cake won`t. Isn`t it nice?

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Quick preparing of pasta

If you soak the pasta for a few hours or even overnight in cold water, you will cook it within a minute!

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How to pull out an avocado stone

To pull a stone out of avocado without touching a pulp, use a large sharp knife.

If you need a couple of lemon juice drops

If you need just a couple of lemon juice drops, make a hole using a toothpick and press slightly. This way you won`t harm the fruit.

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Delicious salad dressing

Add in a jar with a little mayonnaise some vinegar, olive oil and spices — you will get an excellent salad dressing and clean the jar as well.
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You can easily peel off avocado using this method:

Then take out the pulp using a spoon.

Use a spoon to peel off the kiwi

How to Peel Kiwi with a Spoon | Food & Wine

Kiwi are undeniably delicious, but the fuzzy fruits can be a chore to peel and eat. Here, Food & Wine Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple reveals the easy way to peel a kiwi using a spoon. Cut off the stem side of the kiwi. Slide a spoon into a kiwi just under the skin.

Soak fresh berries in a weak vinegar solution – this way they won`t grow moldy in the refrigerator

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Storing garlic & onion

Keep the onion and garlic in perforated paper bags, this way they won`t grow moldy and stay fresh for more than two months.

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To spread the butter all over the dish, just put it in the freezer and then grate it!

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Easy way to cut sherry tomatoes 

That is a great pleasure to cut small cherry tomatoes into pieces, but only if you’re a pervert or you have plenty of free time. But if you hurry and do not want to suffer – press them between two plastic lids, and then put a sharp knife blade between them.

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Separate white from yolk

You’ve seen how your girlfriend did that – transfusion of an egg from one half of the shell to another – but you are not as good at it as she is? There is an easier way!

Take a plastic bottle, place the neck to the yolk and squeeze the bottle — the yolk will be inside, and it you will be able to transfer it to a separate bowl and squeeze it out!

Separating 5 Egg Yolks with a Water Bottle

Follow on Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: I saw a video of someone separating egg yolks using a water bottle. I was so impressed, I just had to try it for myself. After the initial shock of how well it worked, I wondered can you do more than 1?

It is very easy to peel of the garlic – put it in tight ware and shake actively

Ultimate Garlic Peeling Trick — How to Peel 20 Cloves in 20 Seconds!

Learn how to peel 20 cloves of garlic in 20 seconds! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Ultimate Garlic Peeling Trick!

For perfectionists only – use apple slicer to perfectly cut potatoes

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Store lettuce in a paper bag

Then put it in refrigerator. And do not limp the leaves — this way the core will stay fresh longer.

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Freeze meat to evenly cut it into pieces

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How to deal with grenade

Cut the fruit, then crack it in half with hands. Open one half, put the side with the seeds on palm and begin vigorously knocking on a grenade with a wooden spoon until all the seeds are in your palm. It takes only 10 seconds to do so.

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Fast way to shell off the large quantity of eggs

Thoroughly shake the eggs in a bowl so that they hit each other

How to Peel Dozen of Eggs the Fastest Way

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Wrap banana bunch with a sticky tape

They will start to blacken 3-5 days later.

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Use two cups, to cut the corn kernels from the cob

First, you need a small bowl and a cup. Wrap a cup with a towel and put it in the middle of the bowl upside down. Put a corn head in the hole of the cup. Take a knife and gently cut off the kernels.

Store cut avocado with a piece of onion

This way it won`t turn black. Alternatively, you can sprinkle your avocado with cider vinegar.
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If you want to pull the corn from the cob, put it in the microwave

How to squeeze lots of juice out of citrus fruit

Much depends on fruit, but this method makes it easy to get juice from any citrus (if you plan to do it with your hands). You need to firmly hit it on table with your palm or a knife, then cut and squeeze.

Get the Most Juice from Your Lemon – Jazzy Gourmet Cooking Studio

For other Zippy Tips, visit Jazzy Gourmet Cooking School demonstrates how to get the most juice out of a lemon. or For more Sherry K music, visit

Storing eggs

Grease chicken eggs with vegetable oil

Before storing them in the refrigerator — this way they will stay fresh for three to four weeks longer.

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