Into Sports With Ease: How To Make Yourself Do Sports?

Sloth is as bad for sports as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.


If getting up off the couch is a Real Big Deal for you, you have to rummage in your psychology. And while you mentally prepare for this, we will tell you about the simple and effective ways to get back on your feet and begin regular exercising – you’d be surprised how easy it is!


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Start motivating yourself TODAY – there’s no such thing as Tomorrow! Go to the next page & find out how to do it!

Stop looking for motivating factors!

It sounds weird – but it`s true!


Because, when you can’t do something without an incentive, you start to depend on it. Indeed, the incentive is transient, plus it is prone to inflation and devaluation. If you decide to visit a gym with friends, in the hope that each of you will be “ashamed” to miss the training, do not forget that friends can also decide to be out of it and then you will forfeit the incentive, which rests your motivation. You start to depend on external circumstances, the mood of your friends.

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This does not mean that you should avoid any incentive, because one way or another, they will appear, and there is nothing wrong with that. You just need to stop trying to find this incentive and be out as soon as it disappears.

Do it with fun!

Sport is an excellent choice “to unclog” the head and stay alone! But some people find it boring to do it alone!


Make a pact with trusted boyfriend or girlfriend that tomorrow you are starting a new sporty life! Your friend`s reliability is the main condition.


On one hand, of course, this tip is in a little contrary to the previous one, because the presence of a friend may be an incentive for you. But on the other hand, if one of you tries to pass, the second one will be pulling you out! You can even pay each other a nominal fee for an initiative!

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Invent yourself a reward

Bird in the hand is better than a crane in the sky! Ghostly aims like “health”, “longevity”, “mind blowing body” or “I’m in trend” don`t work for most people.


What should you do? Invent yourself a reward that you can “feel”. For example, you can “spoil” yourself after a grueling workout in gym – eat your favorite dish – or buy yourself a smartphone you`ve always dreamt about!


Buy yourself new cool sports clothing

Clothing designers do their best to create new spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, and you wear the same clothing the whole year (that is an overstretched t-shirt and some old leggings)? That is just not right!


Today the sports clothing is not only cool and fancy, but also technological. For example, shoes, designed for a maximum ease of running and reducing the load on the foot – or material, which keeps you cool even at the height of the summer season.


And as soon as you buy it, you will see that it is stupid to put it on just to walk from your sofa to the kitchen and back!

What other tips can really help you start doing sports?

Go to the next page & find it out!

Choose the right kinds of activity to achieve your goals

Many people believe that running is the cure for all illnesses and problems with the figure.


“I gotta lose weight – I should run the marathon!”, “I want to become more graceful and get rid of problems with back – I should run a marathon!”, “The rash won`t go away – I should buy a treadmill“.


Running and jogging are great, but before you start any activity, you should visit your healthcare professional first.


Show your sports looks wherever you can!

Of course, social networks is evil, but they may be beneficial in case of the right treatment. Post your new sports looks, your looks on the way home, think over a cool hashtag and, believe us, a worried society won`t let you down.


Reputation is very important, especially in the digital world: just try to show your new bikini in Instagram with a promise to swim 1000 meters and disappear – they will comment you to death. And they will do it with good intentions. That is just what you need!

Spend some money!

The point is to buy yourself some expensive branded sports clothing, trainer and sports app for a smartphone. For most people this is a huge incentive – you`ve spend some money!!

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“10 minutes rule”

It’s easy, as a pie. Tell yourself that you will work only for 10 minutes and can stop at any time. 

99% of people will not stop after 10 minutes!

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