What You Need To Become A Real Estate Agent

According to various statistics, more and more Nigerians are thinking about becoming real estate agents, or are already making their first step in this field. The popularity of this job is rather clear: you are virtually self-employed, working under your own guidance and relying on yourself in case of both failures and successes. But do you have what it takes to become a good agent? And what qualities do you need to have in order to be one? Today we’ll try to answer these questions, so that you could make the decision: is it time to switch professions?

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1. Lots of knowledge

We’re not just talking about education, although it’s also very important if you’re planning on being a real estate agent. What we’d like to emphasize here is the necessity for constantly updating your knowledge on the subject. Compared to many other professions, real estate is subjected to constant and rapid changes, which means that the things you learned 5 years ago might have completely changed over time, so if you want to always be able to answer any real estate question from your clients, co-workers or competition, make sure to read as much as you can about the news in property.


2. Networking is key

It’s obvious that real estate is a field for people who love working with other people – if you prefer to be on your own, you’d better consider becoming a freelancer. But in order to achieve true success in real estate, your network should always be growing. The key is to meet as many new people relevant to your profession as possible and maintain these new contacts – you never know when you’ll need the help of a fellow agent, an attorney, an appraiser, a home inspector, or some other specialist whose knowledge and skills you may possibly require.


3. Study the local market

Laws and rules of real estate are extremely important, but what is even more important is the way property deals are conducted in your local area and what the property market is like in general. What are the average prices for local property? Which types of property are especially popular with the local buyers? What are some future trends for real estate development in the area? By answering these questions you will be able to build the most effective real estate strategy and make sure that your deals will be a great success. Combining general rules and laws with your knowledge of the area is the best way to conduct business in property.


4. Develop a charming personality

One of the things that separates average real estate agents from great ones it the personality. No matter how much you know about property and how good are the conditions you’re suggesting, if you don’t have an open and engaging personality, the clients are more likely to turn to other, more alluring real estate agents. It doesn’t mean that you need to jump over your head trying to make your potential customers like you, but if you’re open with them, share your personal stories, are able to laugh when it’s needed, and offer some great advice – your business will be thriving without doubt.

5. Love for real estate

In order to be a great real estate agent you need to have a genuine interest for property, architecture, design, and other things that concern your profession. When there are two agents, and one of them clearly enjoys what he’s doing, while the other one is simply doing his job, the first one will always be more successful, because he puts a little bit of his heart into every deal he finalizes. This is why the best real estate agents are also big fans of architecture and home design – they simply can’t live without property.


6. Be persistent yet honest

It’s no secret that real estate is the kind of business where the most persistent agents thrive – if you’re able to lure your customers away from other agents and into your office, and if you can aggressively protect your client’s interests until everyone is satisfied, your success in the industry will not keep you waiting for too long. At the same time it’s important to preserve your integrity – don’t lie, cheat, or play tricks with the client’s money, because the truth is guaranteed to come out sooner or later, and nothing is more important than your professional reputation.


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