The Best Places To Live In Abuja

Abuja is a unique Nigerian city. It’s the capital of the state, but it’s far less populated, noisy, and busy than Lagos. That is why Abuja is the city of choice for many Nigerians looking for a quiet, safe and pleasant place to live that still offers plenty of opportunities. Here are the best places to live in Abuja.

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1. Wuse

Wuse is a huge area in Abuja that is divided into several districts. Wuse is certainly not a cheap place to live, but it offers lots of job opportunities and attractive housing options. Wuse is a popular commercial district with lots of prestigious hotels, restaurants, and shops, but it’s not as known for its nightlife as some other Abuja areas.

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2. Jabi

Jabi is a young and affluent area in Abuja that is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the advantages of living in a big city and still be able to enjoy the nature. Jabi is a famously green area and has a lake, but even besides those qualities, it’s a fantastic place to live that has lots of jobs, entertainment, convenience, and health facilities.

3. Gwarimpa

Gwarimpa is often referred to as the city within a city, and after spending even one day in this Abuja neighbourhood, you will understand why. It’s the perfect place for you if you work an important job and want to have immediate access to shops, banks, and high-rated schools, while still paying a lower-than-average price for your apartment.

4. Jahi

Located only 15 minutes away from the city centre and lying near Gwarinpa and Katampe, Jahi is one of the fastest developing areas in Abuja. It has good transportation and a variety of housing options. Plus, this area is still growing, which means you can get a good place to live for less money than you expect. With time, the infrastructure in Jahi will grow and it can become one of the most affluent places in Abuja.

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5. Asokoro

Asokoro is an area in Abuja where the most important government bodies are located. Needless to say, this living situation comes at a steep price, but if you can afford it, you will be rewarded with outstanding infrastructure, good roads, lots of greenery, excellent security, and a general feeling that you are living in a high-class area with the best neighbours one can imagine.

6. Life Camp

If you want to live in the busiest, most affluent area of the city, Life Camp is not for you. Life Camp is Abuja’s best known suburban areas. It’s not particularly known for its restaurants, shops, or nightlife, but to families with children, it offers something more important: all the perks of living in the city with a complete suburban feel. It’s secure, quiet, and located close to the centre, so you can always make a dash to your favourite spots whenever you want.

7. Garki

When the Nigerian capital was moved to Abuja, Garki was the first area to undergo swift development. As a result, Garki is now home to the rich and powerful people of Abuja, as well as anyone who wants to live in a prosperous neighbourhood and can afford it. It’s one of the most expensive places to live in Abuja, but the infrastructure and the general high-end feel of the area are probably worth it.

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