Funny: 7 Phrases Each Woman Says To Her Partner Almost Every Day

clothesIn this article someone will find just the true phrases every woman uses in her daily life. To someone they will look funny; to someone they will serve as an advice. Just read them all and make your own conclusions.

“I love” – the best phrase I’ve ever heard!

‘I’ve got nothing to wear’

ow0Jdlbf4xYEvery woman every morning when getting prepared for the upcoming day and looking inside her wardrobe she has always nothing to wear, even though the wardrobe might be cracking because of literally enormous quantity of clothes, shoes and accessories. All of that is not enough for our little princesses and grown-up queens. So just take the phrase “I’ve got nothing to wear” easier and get your credit card prepared as the weekends are approaching and so does shopping.

‘What are you doing?’

dLAX7cnLzsgDo you really intend to play that video game right now and relax for a bit after a long working day? No way! She will never let you do this as she has got her own plans for the evening. It can be a weepy TV serial, a 2-hours story about her day (all details included), and anything on Earth, but no relaxing.

‘Are you listening to me at all?’

JXJ3QHhg2MI‘No, I’m deaf’ or at least I want to become one for the next couples for hours, so you don’t touch me and we are not about to start arguing again. And why is she looking at me like I’m a complete idiot? I just don’t understand why that broken nail is so important and why the dirty socks under bed don’t fit the interior design.

‘It’s up to you to decide’

-lnn6oTC5J8C’mon, woman! If I’m asking you to help me with the decision, I do really need your advice. Don’t give up on me in such an important moment of my life. Don’t be so indifferent. It really makes me nervous and I do get angry at you when you say so.

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YoPGQcCLfEk…as an answer to my question ‘What happened?’ And this ‘nothing’ carries out so many answers indeed. So man, get out of here right now as the thunderstorm is gonna rush on your head any second. She is angry and she will spoil your mood unless you go and buy her a bouquet of roses or a sweet present right away.

‘We need to talk’

suin8FBFOe0Man, you are in trouble if you hear it. She is mad at you and this snowball is gonna get down on your head unless you quickly figure out what has happened and what is that she actually wants to talk about so you have the time to prepare the arguments in your defense.

‘I’m done with all this crap’

KcK691O0QA0All women tend to have the lack of patience. They also tend to be too emotional from time to time. So taking these words too serious is your fault. Just let it all calm down and give her some room to think and reorganize her thoughts.

Appreciate her the way she is with

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