7 Reasons To Move Closer To Work

Not everyone of us is lucky enough to live near work. The majority of modern Nigerians have to travel for work, and if they’re really lucky, then their commute doesn’t take more than 30 minutes; however, there are a lot of workers who need to travel for hours just to get to work. Long commute to work has a lot of negative effects on our lives, including the social and economic aspects of it, as well as health. If you’re currently looking for a new place to live, or are open to a move, here is why you should move closer to your job.

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1. Increase your productivity

When you live far from work, you depend on various factors to get to work on time. If you’re using public transportation, then your commute time depends on the number of passengers and traffic. If you’re using your own car, travel time can also be influenced by traffic, as well as your car’s condition. Being often late negatively influences your productivity. On the other hand, if you can get to work on foot in 15-20 minutes, you will always be there on time, and your punctuality will help you work better.


2. Improve family life

If you have a family, but have to spend 3 or 4 hours a day getting to work and back, the first thing that suffers is the relationships within your family. If your wife or kids only see you for a couple of hours each day, the relationship may become strained. Plus, with that much time being spent on commute, you don’t have the time to maintain your friendships or visit your other relatives. Spend considerably less time travelling to work and you’ll notice your family life improving!


3. Increase your safety

Every week we hear about people on public transportation being mugged or harassed, and people driving in their own cars getting into all sorts of accidents. The risk of being harmed can be significantly lower if you don’t spend more than an hour a day commuting. Of course, nothing can give you a 100% protection against these kinds of accidents, but the less time you spend between work and home, the safer you’ll generally be.


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4. Save money easier

It’s safe to say that most adults are trying to save money – whether you’re dreaming of a new house, a new car, or opening your own business, putting a certain amount of money towards achieving your dream takes a certain amount of focus and restraint. But, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t continue saving money – particularly if you drive to work or take public transportation. With fuel prices rising and commute fares growing, walking to work on foot is the best way to save money on what you really want.


5. Lower stress levels

When you have to endure several hours of public transportation or driving through heavy traffic every day, no doubt it can affect your mental and emotional state. Stressed and angry workers are not only less productive than their counterparts, but they also get less satisfaction from their lives. On the other hand, having a nice 30-minute walk to work and back, with your favourite music playing from your earphones, your stress levels will take a plunge and your mood will be through the roof. Plus, you’ll be getting several hours more of sleep, which is also great for your body and mind.


6. Live longer

Now, we know that may seem like a stretch, but the truth is that even a short walk is very beneficial for your health, especially if it happens regularly. Walking on foot every day reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, improves your blood pressure and blood sugar level, helps your body stay fit and toned, improves your digestive system, and actually helps you live longer, compared to the life you would spend on a bus or behind the wheel of your car. Think about that when you’re choosing a place to live.


7. Be happier

There is a lot on the mind of people who travel to work by public transportation or car. You have to get up earlier, often skip breakfast, worry about being late, be anxious about getting into an accident, stressing over the fuel prices, and fearing for your life when you are driving on an overcrowded bus. However, living within close proximity to work helps you spend your free time doing what you like best, and with lower stress levels and better health it’s natural that you’ll feel happier than you would while spending a few hours a day travelling to work.


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