7 Best Techniques To Boost Your Concentration

Very often we hear from someone “Concentrate on the key points”. But what if there is no problem with depicting the main points? What if the problem lies in our abilities for concentration? If this is the key reason, let’s find the solutions.

Jiji – the best target for your concentration!

Exercise 1 – “Sounds of the nature”

1Listen to the sounds of the nature. You can do it whenever and wherever you want. Pick out one sound, listen to it attentively and keep it in your head. In this way, you will be maintaining an internal dialogue and learn to concentrate.

Exercise 2 – “Walking escalator”

2This is a perfect exercise to start your working day with. The task is to count the number of steps from one object to another. If you haven’t lost count during a definite standard distance, than you are well concentrated and are ready to work.

Exercise 3 – “Read while counting”

3Take any kind of a magazine, a book, or a newspaper and read it with a normal for you speed. While reading count the number of words in the text. Use only your eyes for counting, don’t help yourself with the fingers. Do this exercise for 2-3 minutes, then check yourself and compare the results. Aim for that the first result doesn’t differ from the second one.

Exercise 4 – “Cardiogram”

4Take a sheet of paper, a pen and while slowly drawing a line concentrate all of your thoughts and attention on it only. Once you have caught yourself being distracted – draw a peak up like on a cardiogram, and continue. Summarizing the results it’s not difficult to count how many times you have been distracted. The good results are if you have one straight line that has been drawn during 3 minutes.

Exercise 5 – “The clock”

5Watch the trotting seconds hand for 2 minutes not looking away. Top class exercise is called an exercise of Clansman. Famous German soccer player made up a method to train concentration before the match. With help of pincers he took to pieces and then gathered up again the whole clockwork mechanism striving for the best result of clock working. If you do the same and in the end have no extra details left, then you’ve got a good concentration.

Exercise 6 – “Sphinx”

6You should sit on a chair and remain absolutely calm and still stopping any muscle movements. Let your thoughts go, let them also come and fly away at any time, not directing them anywhere. It is good if you succeed in getting a comfortable and still position of a wise sphinx for as long as 15 minutes. Even though the exercise seems quite a simple one, it is still complicated to execute.

Exercise 7 – “Count”

7This exercise is both good for concentration and to calm down and put all of your thoughts together before an important event, negotiations, or a speech. Just sit quietly and silently, slowly counting up to 30 concentrating all of your attention on the numbers.

There are two techniques of doing this exercise – with your eyes closed and open. The one with open eyes is more difficult as there are more distracting objects. If there is any distracting thought, you should start counting from the very beginning until you achieve such results when you think about numbers only.

Jiji – Concentrate on things that are worth your attention!

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