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Hire Me, Please! World`s Most Curious Professions

Demand creates supply. And when demand becomes wonderfully strange –there appear the most unusual professions.


Think you gotta super cool job? Perhaps. You will reconsider your attitude towards this issue – just read in what unique ways people make money in the world!


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Professional mermaids

In the past few years in the labor market there appeared an unexpected trend, which is becoming more and more popular: women wear “mermaid tails” on their legs and swim in glass tanks for pleasuring sights of those who pay the money.

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??????? 1

They are a kind of hired mermaids and approximately 1000 people in the United States earn their living this way.

A man, who stands in line

Profession appeared in modern Britain. Enterprising people have learned that, according to the statistics, the Brits spend in queues a year of their life, and decided to create a company, which provides services for “standing in line”.

??????? 1

A specially trained person for 40 dollars an hour will stand in line for you. Since the saying “time is money” is really relevant, using such a service is not a luxury, but real savings!

??????? 2

Profession is quickly becoming popular in other countries as well!

Barking seeker of dogs

Imagine that you are a resident of Stockholm (Sweden). You bought a dog, but you don’t want to pay a tax on it. Then Tax Establishment sends an “intelligent search” pet professional.

Barking 2

Specialist walks through the apartments and barks on 20 different odds. And 100% of dogs respond. The specialist determines the age of the dog and pedigree, and then writes the account to the owners.

Barking 1

Penguins` lifters

These people work in Antarctica and save the poor birds that are lurking around on airplanes and fall on their back. “Fell-no rose” is about penguins, because, by their nature, these birds are not able to rise up themselves.

Penuin 1

Penguion 2

Dresses` names giver

A man of this profession comes up with sonorous names for clothing from new collection – dresses, hats, unique shirts, suits.

Commercial fashion photographer, Leeds

Commercial and fashion photographer, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield

“Drops of blood on Garibaldi”, “Rice pudding”, “Dzhavaharlava”, “Seduction of Prince of Bohemia” and even “Hippie boy, take me!” – all that is his job!

NASA “lier”

28-year-old Drew Ivaniki earned lots of money in a very unusual way. In the year 2014 NASA paid him $ 18,000 – Drew just had to lie in bed for 70 days.


It was necessary for the study of how being idle in space can affect the bones and muscles of the human being.


Prostitutes` tester

Yes, in some countries prostitution is legalized. And in some enterprises in these countries, there is such a job – prostitutes` tester.


You can guess what are his responsibilities: he checks their professional skills. Something like a recruitment manager, but much more interesting.

Prost tester 2

A man-heater for beds

Since this year in England there was an unusually harsh winter, hotel chain Holiday Inn came up with a very unusual way to attract customers – they hired heaters for beds.

Warmers 21

As an additional service, customers can order a staff member dressed in a sleeping suit to heat a bed before the client will lie in it to sleep.

Warmers 1


Tester of elite beds

Student Roisin Madigan, 22 years old, receives $ 1,000 for sleeping on beds by Savoir Beds company, the company manufactures beds for luxury hotels.


She describes her feelings about beds in her blog. Without a man testing bed is not full.

Bed tester 1

Monkey man

Recently monkey-terrorists almost captured the railway station of the big city Lucknow (India). They attacked the passengers and prevented trains` movement. But salvation came unexpectedly.

Monkey 2

One of the locals Achkan Mian for only 7 dollars a day is running around the station wearing a monkey suit for the joy of children and misfortune of real monkeys. The latter become frightened and don`t attack the station anymore.


Creases` straightener

In expensive shoe boutiques, there are people whose job is to watch that the shoes which buyers has tried on had no creases. They straighten them if needed.

??????? 2


Artist of funeral services

You don`t know whether to laugh or cry. This is a modern, “updated” version of mourners. There was a profession in ancient Rus – they were invited to the funeral to cry, and to create a sad atmosphere. The word “artist” means that today the mourner will propose a “toast”, and a sentimental story, if necessary, something like “A man, who passed on saved my life!”.

Funeral actors 1

The prices for the services of such personnel are:

  • crying – 1 coin;
  • weeping with howling – 3 coins;
  • tearing crying with howling and falling on their knees – 7 coins;
  • sobbing with beating in breasts, tearing clothes and rolling on the ground – 20 coins.

Funeral actors 2

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