The Myths About Healthy Lifestyle

Chasing for a healthy lifestyle people often come up with some unhealthy myths.

Despite how much has already been found by scientists and written by people about healthy living, don’t forget to recheck information and don’t believe everything you hear.


In this post we disclose cards and dispel the myths – specially for conscious individuals, who are not accustomed to blindly follow someone else’s reasoning, and preferring to think!


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Hair is graying because of stress

Myth: there were times when hair turned gray and it was explained with age, but today stress is “accused” in every problem, including graying. This view takes 2 place after lack of vitamins and improper diet.


Truth: stress really affects the body: the more you get nervous, the faster you age, because stress increases the number of free radicals in the body – this is what the majority of professors of medicine think.


And free radicals are the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles and hair loss. However, so far there is no scientific evidence that stress has a direct effect on graying. The time of hair graying is determined by genes rather than ability or inability to keep calm.

You shouldn`t eat before you go to sleep

Myth: many modern nutritionists and healthy lifestyle adherents claim that the body “should” live during the day and sleep at night. And for this reason, the last meal should be no later than 6 pm, if you plan to go to sleep at 9. However, it`s not as critical.


Truth: despite the “generally accepted schedule”, every organism has its own individual characteristics, and, often, work of the body adapts to your lifestyle.

Think: If you are a night owl, and you are awake at night due to established habit or work? Living according to generally accepted norms, you will starve all night – it will bring you harm!


The basic principle is this: it is wrong to eat at less than two hours before sleep, otherwise the food will not be fully digested. Have a meal at 12 and go to sleep at half three – this way you hold to a principle and do not have to suffer from hunger.


Although, in any case it is not worth to have a steak with fried potatoes for your last meal: such food even for four hours before bedtime will attract the attention of your entire body the whole night through; you will have insomnia at night and stale head the next morning.

You should start your morning with exercises

Myth: you should exercise early in the morning.

Truth: What do we expect from morning exercises? Improving health, muscle strengthening, cheerfulness!


Meanwhile, the brain needs much more time for final awakening than body does. In addition to the stress for the organism, “forced” morning jogging will bring you minimum benefit.


It is better to start the day with water treatments to “engage”, and then go to a workout!


You should drink not less than 2 liters of water per day

Myth: in the year 1945 the College of nutrition (United States) advised all prudent individuals drinking 8 glasses of water per day to stay in shape and maintain body clean. Since then, many diets include the same recommendation, and some people even think that a large amount of liquid helps lose weight.


Truth: water by itself won`t bring you any harm, but in large quantities, as it is known, anything can be harmful. Try to estimate how much liquid you consume per day: even if you exclude all other beverages, you still eat fruits and vegetables and thus get the water.


If you overdo, it may result in a condition called hyponatremia, or, to put it simply, lack of salts in the body. This will significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses, says Dr. Rachel Vriman, an employee of the child health research center at Indiana University.

The more we eat – the more active is the weight loss process

Myth: it looks quite logical. After all, during a sleep, our metabolism slows and we spent less energy. It means if you sleep less – fat will disappear faster.


Truth: but it`s not. If you think that calorie counting and exercise amid lack of sleep can help you lose those extra pounds, you are clearly mistaken. Scientists believe that a full night’s sleep is absolutely essential for a weight loss program.

Researchers from the University of Chicago studied the health of people deprived of their normal sleep, and came to the conclusion that even if we sleep only an hour less than we should, then this alone can lead to a specific hormonal imbalance. In this case, levels of the hormone leptin, which signals the brain about saturation of the stomach, is reduced, and the levels of the hormone ghrelin, which tells us about starving, is increased by contrast.


The conclusion is quite obvious: the more we sleep, the less we weight!


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