You Did It Wrong! How To Eat Challenging Food Right

– «Have you been painting a fence before our meeting?»

– «No, I`ve been eating a Big Mac…»


This situation is quite real! There are many meals that need a special approach! How to eat them and not get stained? How to eat them and not irritate others or make them laugh? How to eat them?!


In this post you will find some secret tips of how to eat challenging food. Just imagine: you won`t need to wash your friend`s jeans after eating a burger, and rush to wash your head after eating a pizza!

Your life will be much easier!!


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In the right restaurant pizza is served with aromatic (infused with herbs or pepper) oil. And you should definitely drizzle the dish with this oil.

Pizza 2

Don’t be afraid to overdo it: excess stuff will flow into sections and pieces will soak just enough to get a taste of the oil, not the pizza (Italian ritual). Take slice of pizza over the edge and fold it in half so that the oil and sauce remained in a trough.

Pizza 1

It is considered bad manners to put an already bitten piece back on the plate. So keep it at slight angle so that the filling dropped in your mouth, but not on the table and slowly eat it. Soak the crust in excess oil and eat it too.

Pizza 3

The Right Way to Eat Pizza – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 2

Put down the knife and fork. Joe’s Pizza owner Sal Vitale shows us the right way to eat a New York slice, no utensils necessary. For more videos, subscribe to Zagat’s video channel here:



Most fast-food fans keep the thumbs on the bottom of the bun, and the rest fingers on top. Undoubtedly, they will be surprised to learn that it turns out they ate burgers wrong their whole life!

Burger 1

In order to properly eat a hamburger, you must keep both thumbs and the little fingers over the bottom of the bun, and the rest of the fingers on top. The essence is that with such a “grasp” you will manage to avoid falling of ingredients and at the same time maintain the integrity of the hamburger.

Burger 2

Oh, and do not squeeze it too hard! If you do not adhere to this rule, you risk spilling the flowing fluid. Keeping the burger properly, you will save your clothing from grease stains.

Burger 3

How to Eat a Burger, According to Science | FOODBEAST LABS

Is there an efficient way to hold and eat a hamburger without the guts going everywhere?



Using a special fork gently separate a clam from a shell. Sprinkle with lemon juice or wine vinegar.

Oysters 1

The best way is to swallow the oyster at once, along with juice, but if the oyster is very large, and has uneven edges, and usually that is the case, there is a chance to shed and stain your perfect trousers.

Oysters 3

That is, in this case, you should eat the clam, and then drink the precious moisture. Then you should drink white dry wine, perhaps with a light fruit flavor to balance the sour, sea taste of iron and finish the picture of perfect existence. Oyster season lasts until May – so you have plenty of time.

Oysters 2

The Right Way to Eat Oysters – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 8

What’s the right amount of cocktail sauce to add? Do you use a fork? The Mermaid Inn chef Michael Cressotti shows us the right way to slurp down fresh bivalves. Subscribe to Zagat’s YouTube channel for more videos:



For many this process is not always successful, beguiling is waddling, sauce is dripping, and tortilla unfolds.

Taco 3

Put a lettuce on top of the tortilla. This can be done with both the hard and soft tortillas. In any case, lettuce will not allow sauces to flow or leak out through the tortilla.

Taco 1

Instead of showering taco with salsa or sour cream, use these products as sauces for dipping the folded tortillas. This way the tortilla won`t become too soft, and the sauce won`t spill.

Taco 2

How to eat tacos like a Mexican

There are many things you need to know to eat tacos like a pro. How to hold your drink while holding your plate is one of them.



We tend to cut the spaghetti with a knife or a fork, but it turns out that in Italy it is considered a bad taste. How to eat pasta right?

It turns out that you can use a spoon and it is even necessary. Italian chefs explain that you can help yourself wrap spaghetti on a fork using a spoon.

Spaghetti 2

If you wrap the spaghetti too vigorously, you risk to get stained. So you need to wrap it slowly and carefully so as not to splash sauce on yourself, your friend or your business partner in Kiton suit.

Do not take spaghetti from the center of the dish — it will be much more difficult to pick up with a fork a required quantity. But you can easily part the weakest spaghetti from the edge of a plate to kill them mercilessly!

Spaghetti 3

If you season pasta with spices, such as paprika or add some sauce, all this will be on the top of the dish and it would be problematic to stir it. It is better to roll spaghetti on a fork. And then carefully dip into the saucer with the sauce!

Spaghetti 1

How To Eat Spaghetti | Fine Dining Lovers by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna

This video will teach you how to eat this tough food!

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