5 Tips For Choosing A Smart Phone

The range of smart phones is so rich that one doesn’t know where to look at first. A mobile phone is a device that has literally become a part of you for almost 24 hours a day. So it must be something convenient, easy in its use, and a nice-looking one. Consider these 5 simple tips when choosing a smart phone and…

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Tip #1 – The mode of the cell phone

1There are three types of phone modes. They are the analog, digital, and dual-mode phones. The type of mode you want depends on how you plan to use your phone. The difference between the analogue and the digital phones are that the second ones provide its user with data security and clearer voice signal transmission. But the analogue phones are much cheaper. The dual-mode phones combine the analogue and the digital modes and are especially convenient when there is a need to switch from one mode to another one in accordance to location change.

Tip #2 – Operating system

2There are 4 kinds of operating systems so far. The most wide-spread is an Android OS. It is easily customized, full of apps and newest games, and is just great for all kinds of entertainment. The only disadvantage is that the updates are too frequent.

On the contrary to that, the Apple Operating system is quite complicated to be customized, but it is much user-friendly and easier in its usage.

Windows phones have appeared not so long ago and hasn’t gain its unique characteristics yet. But still, the display involves moving graphics and info graphics which is especially helpful for a professional phone use.

Tip #3 – Battery lifespan

3It is very much important to turn your attention to the battery lifespan. It depends on how actively you plan to use your cell phone. If you need to be available in all social networks during the day replying to all messages, taking pictures and Instagramming them, then you should take a closer look at the phones with the battery minimum 3000 mAh. If you need a phone just to make calls and write messages, the range of choice is much wider.

Tip #4 – Screen

Remember, that your smart phone should not only be a nice-looking device with a huge screen and a super-powered battery to let you watch movies for hours. It should also be a convenient thing that is easy to hold in your palm. Besides, by opting for smaller screen-sized phones, you will save some money.


Consider also a screen resolution. The higher it is, the more qualitative pictures and videos you will see. But again, if the quality of the pictures or photos you see doesn’t matter to you, opt for lower-resolution screens and save your money.

Tip #5 – Camera

The last, but still not least thing to turn your attention to is the camera. The average more or less suitable camera is 8 megapixels. It is able to provide its user with a good-quality photos that can be used in any purposes. But for the Instagram junkies it is reasonable to consider cell phones with better cameras that are able to provide its user with much higher quality photos.


Just make sure your camera has a flash, which is especially necessary when taking photos at the late night parties.

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