How To Sell A House / Flat

Regardless of whether you sell an apartment alone or you applied to the real estate agency, apartment sale process is identical, and built on the logical rules.


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Select a real estate agent

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You need an agent not only as a professional who will give useful advice, protect you from scams, and check all documentation – he will hold expert assessment of real estate, will represent you to buyers, and assign shows.


Prepare apartment to sale

Prepare your home for sale, clean up, make cosmetic repairs if you want. Think about what else you can improve in your home, hire a professional.

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Even small, but fresh ideas in interior design will help you a little bit to raise the price of the accommodation.

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Determine the cost of your apartment

The biggest mistake of a seller would be the inflated price. Evaluate an apartment based on a comparative analysis of the market and the opinion of the evaluator. At a fair price the apartment can be sold for 2-4 weeks, when low – less than 2 weeks, if overpriced – for several months.

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Be sure to consider whether the market is hot, cold or neutral at the time of sale, and determine the price.

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Put apartment on sale

Identify the hottest features of the apartment or mansion, pick the words for ads that will help sell your flat. Approve a plan with an agent.

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Then, make photos and place ads on major websites such as Jiji (it has more than 4.6 million visits per month!!)


Organize views

You will get more results if you let real estate agent to do them. Your house or flat will get a little more views, if you sell it in spring or autumn. Sales during the holidays are likely to lead to lower prices.

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Always ask interested buyers to give you feedback, so you can adjust the price, terms of sale and your marketing campaign.

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Get the offer to purchase and have negotiations

Even if you receive inappropriate offer, just continue negotiations, make a counter-proposal. Do not ignore the suggestions of customers.

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Don’t be afraid to offer the buyer the full cost in your proposal, if you sell an apartment at a competitive price.

If you rate your property correctly, be prepared for several proposals at the same time.

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Checking the documents

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Give the buyer time to check all documents with a lawyer for authenticity. You should also check with a lawyer whether all the documents are prepared correctly and notarized.

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All necessary checks

Be prepared for the fact that the buyer wants to make additional inspection of the apartment, together with technician or estate specialist.

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Preparing and signing the contract

A real estate agent prepares a contract, then he gives a copy to the buyer for the study. This is followed by the signing of the contract and its certification by a notary.

Typically, the buyer has the right to choose the form of a contract.

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Sell apartment or house on Jiji – largest marketplace in Nigeria with huge rate of visits: it`s here demand and supply meet every day!