5 Tips How To Eat Less Sweets

Have a sweet tooth? Can’t live without candies? The more sugar you eat, the more you want it! Studies show that sugar can accelerate the aging process in the body. That is why Jiji gathered the list of advises approved by the nutritionists that will help you keep yourself in check and postpone aging!

1. Choose wisely.

If you’re going to indulge your whims, buy seasonal sweets – that is, those that can be found only on holidays. “You can buy chocolate at any time of the year”, – says nutritionist emeritus of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Tamara Melton. Feel free to go for the seasonal dessert, which yearned for a whole year – for example, an ice cream in the summer, or Christmas gingerbread. Just remember – the fact that these pleasures are available for a limited time does not mean that you can afford to unleash your appetite and eat everything.

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2. Think positively.

Stay motivated to achieve the goal, saying to yourself that you can handle. “Words have power,” – said Katie Dolgin, author of Sugar Savvy Solution: Kick Your Sugar Addiction for Life and Get Healthy. If you think that it is difficult to refuse the sugar, for you it really will be difficult. Change the negative tone in conversations with yourself if you want to control your diet and improve your health. Believe that you will succeed.

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3. Not to be hungry – the key to success.

You do not want to eat nothing but candy, don’t you? You will be able to achieve the goal, if you will eat balanced  meal and snack every three or four hours. Simona Gloger, honorary dietitian and nutrition specialist of Dukan Diet, recommends to split the day into three full meals with dishes, and two snacks, rich in protein. This will help to overcome the unbearable urge to eat something sweet. “I always take a lunch and snacks, so can resist the temptation around me” – Simona says.

4. Be aware that a desire to eat sweets may actually be something else.

Before you grab a jar of “Nutella”, or a box of chocolates, think about what you really want. People often confuse hunger with thirst. Ends of the energy sends you a signal to eat, but more often it is just a sign of dehydration. Drink, but only water, not juice or soda. Also you can plain water, to which you add your favorite fruit – a great way to get a sugar naturally. And if it feels absolutely unbearable without sweets, nutritionists recommend to eat a small slice of chocolate or yogurt, which are sold along with chocolate or muesli.

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5. Do not stop.

You have put all your willpower, but could not resist the festive treats? Do not reproach yourself. Forgive yourself, and go back to work. Forgiveness and kindness towards others (and to yourself) increase your self-esteem, help to be grateful for what you have, and give strength to overcome negative attitude, which drives you to eat the cookies. All this gives you the same endorphin, which you used to get from sugar. After all this, make sure that the next meal reception you will get only when you really will experience the feeling of hunger. Make the decision to eat more healthy meals, fill yourself with fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and grains. Don’t forget about protein, which will give you a feeling of fullness.

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