8 Foods That Should Be Grated

Thanks to the endless variety of kitchen appliances and gadgets, we can now do much more in the kitchen in less time and still get high-quality meals for the whole family. A grater is hardly a revolutionary device and has been around for ages. However, a humble grater is able to transform everyday ingredients into something unexpected and noteworthy. Find out which products taste better grated and never go back to the old cooking methods again!

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1. Hard-boiled eggs

We are used to consuming hard-boiled eggs in whole or shop them as salad ingredients. But you only need to grate freshly boiled eggs once and turn them into a delicious creamy salad, garnish, or sandwich filler, to experience a brand new way of eating eggs. Make sandwiches with grated eggs, your favorite creamy sauce like mayonnaise, salt, and pepper, and surprise your loved ones!

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2. Potatoes

Each one of us has a favorite way of consuming potatoes: some prefer fries, while others are deeply in love with baked and loaded potatoes. We suggest you to try and grate raw peeled potatoes and turn them into the ultimate breakfast treat: hash browns and potato pancakes. Both of these dishes take less than 30 minutes to cook, and the result is a pile of steaming, tasty potato treats.


3. Butter

A lot of pastry recipes call for called or even frozen butter to be added to flour and mixed together. However, when the butter is hard from freezing, you either get an uneven texture in your dough or the butter melts from your hands and makes the pastry soggy. The solution here is to quickly grate a block of butter you’ve just taken out of the freezer and add it to the flour, minimizing its contact with your hands or the warm environment.

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4. Garlic

One of the greatest additions to any savory dish is garlic, and while you can use dried and powdered garlic, fresh one works much better. Normally you’re expected to crush and then mince cloves of garlic, but this technique takes a lot of time and efforts from the cook. Grating cloves of garlic on the finest side of your grater will get you the same result while you need to do twice less work than usual. Plus, grated garlic cooks evenly and isn’t prone to burning!

Garlic Cloves

5. Cucumbers and zucchini

We got used to seeing fresh cucumbers chopped and added to salads and garnishes, but grated cucumbers give you access to a wider variety of tasty dishes. Freshly grated cucumbers make great sandwich toppers and can be successfully used in various creamy sauces. Grated zucchini can be turned into healthy and delicious zucchini pancakes or casseroles, so we recommend trying them too!


6. Lemons

There are a lot of baking recipes based on lemon juice or zest, and for a good reason – lemon flavor adds a punch to the dish that cannot be substituted by any other ingredient. You may know other ways to get fresh lemon zest, but the easiest and most effective one by far is grating the outside of the lemon on a fine side of the grater. This trick works with other citrus fruits like oranges and limes!


7. Bread

It’s no secret that a lot of products taste great deep-fried, and one of the best ways to get a crunchy golden outside in your fried chicken is a bowl of high-quality breadcrumbs. However, breadcrumbs from the nearest grocery store are often made of expired bread, which negatively affects the taste of the dish. Your solution here is to toast a couple of slices of dried bread and grate the toasts to get the freshest and tastiest batch of breadcrumbs.


8. Carrots

Grated carrots may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to grating vegetables, but the truth is that freshly grated carrots can be equally good in sweet and savory dishes. Sweet carrot recipes include cakes and ice cream, while savory dishes with grated carrots are sauces, carrot pancakes, and soups.


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