How To Open A Chicken Farm From Scratch?

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable Nigerian businesses and is very valuable niche in Nigerian agriculture.

Many big businesses, entrepreneurs, retired uncles, job seekers and Nigerians living overseas are making inroads into the sector.


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The benefits of poultry farming in Nigeria

Reproduction rate of chicken: if you breed 500 layers, they will reproduce an astounding 12,000 chicken within 40 days.

Chicken grow fast: a baby chick becomes a full-grown, egg-bearing chicken in 28 weeks. A farmer can reap returns on investment within 34 weeks of the farm being in operation.


Large markets: in Nigeria, a chest of smaller eggs is purchased for N500-N550, while the bigger ones demand an asking price of around N600-N650. A crate contains 30 eggs. Therefore, you will be receiving approximately N300,000 if you have 500 healthy chickens.

Chicken farm building

Tentative plan of chicken farm organization:

  • room height about 3 m;
  • width 12, 15 or 18 meters. This parameter depends on the number of runs, each of which is equivalent to three meters;
  • run length depends on the number of birds that will be contained in each house;
  • for fencing materials you can use plasterboard ceiling and walls it is possible to use upholstery panels, and exterior roofing can be made of the corrugated sheet.


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Equipment for a chicken farm

Fundamental tools required for quality production process are heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Modern computer systems, presented in the consumer market contain all the necessary functions in one complex.


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System of feeding on a farm

You can use horizontal or spiral feeders. Their design must allow the hen to get the feed from inside of the device.

On the poultry farms, the problem of feeding resolved thanks to special bunkers that are mounted from the back of the cage or crate.


Ventilation on a chicken farm

Today on farms can be used ventilating methods working on the principles of negative, uniform or overpressure.

Ventilation arranged on the principle of negative pressure is the most economical, simple and widespread technology. They do it at the expense of valves that have to be installed at a distance of 2 meters from the floor, through the fins able to control the flow of air.



Regulation of the temperature in the chicken farm is achieved by applying thermal generators that are installed inside the houses and have high efficiency.

This is a cheaper method of heating than electrical heaters or central heating system. Lightning is also very important because this criterion affects the health of the hens.

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1000 hens will give daily about 850 home eggs.


Indicators can dramatically vary depending on conditions, the cost of feed, the presence or absence of the employed workers etc.:

  • Labor costs;
  • Utilities (heating, lighting);
  • Vitamins, supplements;
  • Feed;
  • Other expenses.


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