Get Rid Of The Swimming Fear In 5 Simple Steps

It is the middle of the summer and you are still afraid to go swimming in the sea? Come on! Get rid of the water fear and learn how to swim following these 5 simple steps.

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Step #1 – Align With The Water


The first thing one must do when learning swimming is to get used to the water. So enter the sea and walk in it with the water bottoming your chin. Feel the water touching your feet, legs, belly, shoulders, hands – all of your body. Imagine like you are a part of the sea, like you are its family member, so it cannot do any harm to you. Get rid of the fear of getting drowned and start practicing swimming.

Step #2 – Get Used To Floating


The next step after aligning with the water should be getting used to floating. For this, you will need some help from the person who knows how to swim well. He or she will be holding your arms and you will let your legs float. When you are a bit more used to floating with your legs, proceed with your whole body. Try floating on your back or your stomach as soon as you are ready. And remember to stay in a shallow depth so you can simply stand up if it doesn’t work out yet.

Step #3 – Practice Some Exhaling Underwater


After you successfully managed to learn floating with your whole body, it’s the time to get your head underwater a bit. For this, while staying in the shallow depth, take a deep breath and put your face underwater. Slowly exhale through your nose until you are out of breath. In case you feel uncomfortable exhaling through your nose, wear a nose plug and exhale through your mouth instead.

Step 4 – Wear Googles


To feel yourself even more comfortable in the water, explore the underwater world and what is going on there with the help of googles. Besides, wearing goggles can help you feel more comfortable opening your eyes underwater, and might allow you to see more clearly. Find a pair with spongy circles around the eyes and dip them in the water, so that they’ll stick to your skin. Tighten the strap around the back of your head so that the goggles fit snugly.

Step 5 – Go Swimming!


After having successfully passed all of the above mentioned steps, there is no need to explain anything else. You will be completely ready to learn any of the swimming techniques and become a master of swimming as you will no longer have any fear of water or being drowned.

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