How To Choose A Sport Bike

The sound of the sport bike makes you stand still. It is the roar of the real jet plane! Sport bike is this crazy motorbike for fans of an extreme driving on the smooth highways. Sport bikes gain speed very fast, actually for 7 seconds you can reach 200 km/h.

However, you should be very serious about the choice of a sport bike. And we will help you to choose a perfect one!


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The choice of sport bikes is just huge. It is believed that the most beautiful and reliable sports bikes are released in Japan. The most common brands are Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki.


Sportbikes are very nervous and dangerous motorcycles, but if your choice fell on this class of motorcycles, you need to be prepared to tame this wild bull!

Newbie will like Suzuki GS500F – a good option of sport bike for beginners. It is quite fast, with a powerful engine and good momentum, but at the same time it is obedient and adequate.


It will do exactly what you will ask him — and no more. And, at the same time, it is a serious beast: it takes less than 4 seconds to speed up to 100.

Kawasaki Ninja attracts primarily with its price. And then you notice such nice bonuses like: efficiency, manageability and stability when cornering.


Motorcycle power

  • Up to 250 CC:

Usually these are light and low-power motorcycles. Here you will get useful management, effortless taxiing and light weight. Therefore, these bikes are suitable for almost every newcomer, regardless of its features.


The exception are the motorcycles Enduro and Cross. These models have a great seat height and not suitable for people with small growth. In addition, motorcycles of this class differ with sharp reaction in response to the throttle, which also does not make them easy to manage.

Nevertheless, despite these nuances, many experienced motorcyclists advise to acquire Enduro as a first motorcycle. Because you can learn the most effective riding on such a motorcycle.

  • 250 – 400 CC:

Many call this category most appropriate for your first motorcycle. You can purchase a moderately heavy, powerful and flexible motorcycle for relatively little money.


Many people advise to take a road bike with 400 CC engine as your first bike. If your skills of riding two-wheeled transport are limited to training motorcycle in Moto School, do not take such a bike.

  • more than 400 CC

This category of motorcycles simply cannot claim to be your first. Because these are real powerbikes. Whatever the owners of 1 L sports bikes say, we strongly advise you to purchase this bike as your first bike.


Yes, it draws more attention, it is the most beautiful, fast, interesting, and here there is a huge choice of models. But with increasing power inevitably grows the weight of the motorcycle. In this class you will hardly find motorcycles lighter than 180 kg, only if it’s not the newest models of motorcycles.


Even if your last name is Rockefeller, don’t immediately take the most expensive and up-to-date model. You need your first motorcycle for a season: to learn driving with confidence and realize what you actually need from a bike.

Then you will sell it anyway, but before that, you will drop it several times, scratch, perhaps spoil the second gear and … in general, think about the used bike. For a beginner this is a logical solution.



Motorcycle for novice must be bright! Even flashy. And not too showing off.

It`s just that you must be clearly visible on the road so that more experienced drivers noticed “drunken molecule” in advance, and were able to get out of your unpredictable way.


Pay attention to:

  • If it is a used motorcycle – it definitely fell and least once, and there are traces of that. If there are no traces, then they are cunningly hidden. Then there is a question whether they hadn`t hidden something else.
  • The fuel is not rusty. If it is, please refrain from purchasing. Even on concessional terms. You don`t want a clogged carburetor or engine.
  • Frame (if there are traces of welding). If there are no traces, than it is OK. If there are some… well, then look if it was a quality welding. Not the best option but a possible one.
  • Push the suspension three or four times. If there are no oil traces – than it`s all good.
  • Start the bike. The motorcycle must start, at least the second time around, without preheating. Listen to the sound. Is it smooth? Very well.
  • And, of course, check the brakes and the headlights.


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Choose and buy the newest sport bikes models by best brands on Jiji!