Keep Your Children Safe Online: 5 Tips

It is not a surprise that Internet is probably the biggest source of psychological threat for children nowadays. But along with that, it is also the easiest and the most convenient source of information one can access in a mouse click. So how to deal with the danger Internet brings and not restrain your children from the source of valuable information?

Protect your children from all kinds of threat with the tips from Jiji

Tip #1 – Explain Your Children

1The first step in preventing anything must be the conversation. Before taking any kind of actions, talk to your children first about the danger that Internet contains. Don’t forget to highlight for your children the importance of non-providing any personal information on the Internet resources. This will prevent them from being hunted after.

Tip #2 – Establish The Time Limit

2For the duration of time spent on the Internet there should strict limits be established. Reduce the time spent by your children on the Internet to maximum 2 hours a day. Just don’t forget to find something that would replace your kids’ Internet time-spending – a new hobby, for example.

Tip #3 – Set Access Limit Control

3Set limited access to the sites providing porno and other humiliating material. This can be easily done through special parent control features, which are initially installed in almost every Internet browser. You can also put a limited access to other web-sites you consider your children must not see. And on the shared computers it is recommended to establish separate accounts for each family member.

Tip #4 – Supervise Computer Use

4Before actually purchasing a computer for your children, think where would you put it. The best advice is to buy a desktop and put it in some visible area, where it will be easy to glance at what your children do. If you opt for buying a laptop, then make sure to follow all the above mentioned tips, especially with setting an access limit to some web-sites. But still don’t forget to come and check from time to time what is your child doing.

Tip #5 – Limit Online-Chats

5Chat rooms and online messaging forums are considered high-risk areas for children. Lots of anonymous people who later can turn out to be Internet maniacs use online-chats in their sick-minded purposes. If you don’t want your child to read anything abusing that can damage their mental state, then put limit access to such online-chats and forums.

Breathe a sigh of relief with security tips from Jiji

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