How To Quickly Sell A Car Online

Buying a new car is an exciting step in anyone’s life, but it requires some preparation and a smart approach. If you want to buy a new car, then selling the old car is the first step in upgrading your ride. However, selling a used car isn’t as easy as it seems – not only do you need to set the right price and decide the best place to sell it, but you also need to negotiate with potential buyers and pay attention to a number of details. Use these tips to sell your car faster.

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Know where to list your car

In the past you normally had two options for selling a used car: you could either take it to a car market, or have a used car dealership to sell your car for you. Now there are much more effective and convenient ways of selling vehicles, and the most popular one is online ads. We strongly recommend listing your car on Jiji. There you can post an ad with your car for free and make a deal with a trustworthy and genuine seller from your area. You can even find your new favourite car on Jiji!


Study your vehicle

As a seller, you’re going to get hundreds of questions about what your car is equipped with and what its technical characteristics are. Even if you are not too interested in how much horsepower the car’s engine produces and how much cargo it can transport, these are the questions that potential buyers will expect to be answered. You can check the car’s manual to find some technical details, or you can research cars of the same make, model, production year, and trim level to determine what it has and what it doesn’t have.


Set the right price

Pricing your vehicle is one of the trickiest things you’ll have to do as a seller. A price that is too high will turn the customers away and make them look for cheaper alternatives. A low price will generate more responses from buyers, but you’ll end up making less money with your sale. There is, however, a good way to find out the right price for your car. Research the car ads in your area for cars with the same mileage, condition, and features in your car, and set approximately the same price for your listing.


Prepare your car for the sale

The selling process should start with writing the ad and taking photos, which is why you’ll need to give your car a good wash before photographing it, so that it looks neat and attractive to the buyers. Clean the car out, take out the trash, and wash the interior as well. Hang an air freshener and vacuum the carpets. Then move on to the car exterior. After you’ve washed it, clean the wheels separately, and wax the outside of the car. Now your car is ready to be photographed, viewed, and finally sold for a decent price.


Create a great ad

When buyers are looking for something online and stumble upon an ad that consist of a couple of words and several blurry pictures, they will never consider buying that particular product. That is why your online listing for the car requires extra work. Start with the text – it should include the year, make, and model of the car, how many kilometres it has travelled, its average gas mileage, known repairs and maintenance issues, the price, and the best ways to contact you. The photos should be well-lit, detailed, and taken both from the outside and the inside of the vehicle, so that customers could see the car from every angle without meeting with you first.

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