This Is What Nigerian Governors Waste Billions On

Despite the economic recession currently taking place in Nigeria, governors, their families, and deputy governors are continuing to enjoy their lavish lifestyles. One of the latest crazes among Nigerian officials are bulletproof vehicles. According to the latest reports, every governor in Nigeria owns at least two armored cars, while their wives and deputies often have a bulletproof vehicle of their own.

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Nearly all armored vehicles offered by local authorities come from JPA Armoring group, a manufacturing company based in Germany. The prices for bulletproof cars depend on numerous factors. For example, you can get a bulletproof Toyota Prado for ?58 million, while an armoured Lexus LX 570 will cost you almost ?90 million. The average cost of a bulletproof vehicle, however, is ?75 million, which means that an average governor has the equivalent of hundreds of millions standing in his garage.


It’s worth noting that Nigerian governors never go for the cheapest models of armoured cars. The most popular vehicles you can find in their collections belong to the luxury segment of the automotive market. For example, governors turn out to be big fans of Mercedes Benz G-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Expedition, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Toyota Prado, and Lexus. However, many economists, journalists, and average Nigerians believe that splashing out on luxury bulletproof vehicles is a form of economic sabotage during the recession currently happening in the country.

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