Famous People Refuse To Celebrate Independence Day

As Nigeria is still celebrating its 56th anniversary as an independent country, several Nigerian celebrities have expressed their concerns about the holiday and given their reasons for not celebrating the Independence Day at all. Find out who these celebrities are and why they are withdrawing from the festivities.

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Kenny Saint Best

The famed gospel artist Kenny Saint Best said that this is not the time for celebrations, as in reality Nigeria is still not an independent country. The singer turned politician has also voiced her opinion on the current political and economical state of the country, claiming that since most Nigerians are not truly living, but are merely surviving, there is nothing really to celebrate.


Doris Simeon

The famed Yoruba actress has also shared her thoughts on the Independence Day, particularly on the fact that it’s clear that the majority of Nigerians are not happy with the current state of affairs in the country, they should keep from celebrating the holiday and focus on praying and fasting instead. According to Doris, the biggest problem of the state is that the youths are not given a chance to become new leaders.


Saidi Balogun

The veteran Nigerian movie star’s main reason for ignoring the celebrations surrounding the Independence Day is the state of the entertainment industry; most importantly, the growing piracy problems. The actor and producer believes that unless Nigeria introduces new laws concerning piracy, the people of Nigeria, especially all kinds of entertainers, should not be celebrating – instead they should be thinking about new piracy policies.


Charly Boy

The renowned music and TV personality, Charly Boy took a different route in expressing his feelings over the holiday – instead of blaming the Nigerian officials for the way things are currently happening in the country, he chose to blame the ordinary people. He believes that the bad things happening right now are the fault of the people who should have protested the policies that brought Nigeria in its current state.


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