Used Women’s Underwear For $5000!

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1Lady Kitten is a 21-year old British student who once decided to start making some extra cash by simply selling her used underwear. And to be honest, she has managed to earn quite a lot so far, even though she is involved in this kind of business for just about 6 months.

But recently, she has faced quite an extraordinary and even weird request. The potential buyer asked her to sell him her used underwear, which should be not changed or washed for 3 weeks. For this, he promised to pay 5 thousand dollars. Of course, the girl felt reluctant at first, but an opportunity to make a fortune took over.

Luckily, Lady Kitten lives by herself, so during three weeks she stayed indoors, so no one could notice…and after a successful bargain, she spent the money to pay for her studying.

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