Easy And Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

A perfect Halloween celebration consists of many elements. First, you need to get a costume – you can buy it, rent it, or do it yourself; the only thing that matters is that it’s both scary and amusing. Then you need to prepare some treats for your family and guests. One more essential part of a Halloween party is the decor items and crafts, and this is where many of us run into difficulties. However, using these effortless ideas, you can make lots of unique and spooky Halloween decorations.

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Make your room look eerie

One of the easiest Halloween tricks you can try this year will only require a couple of sheets from you. Take white sheets and drape your chairs with them, creating an abandoned house effect. The look of the room can be further improved with an imitation of cobweb on the mirror – you can use a see-through white piece of cloth for that. If you have some extra candlesticks, you can decorate them with tall, curly branches.


Tin can lights

If you have a couple of midsize tin cans lying around, this DIY won’t take you long. Take your tins and clean them of the labels. Then create an outline for the pattern – you can either use words like “trick” and “treat”, or anything else you feel is great for Halloween. Next take a large nail and a hammer, and start making equally sized holes in the tin according to your pattern. Now paint the tin black, stick a candle inside, and your lights are ready to be put around the house or outside for everyone to see them.


Halloween garland

Garlands are a very easy yet effective way to add some Halloween spirit to your home. The only thing you’ll need is thick craft paper – most people prefer black, but you can also add a couple of orange or white sheets. As soon as you have the paper, take your scissors and get creative! You can start with the traditional triangle garland, or you can make an effort and cut out pumpkins, ghosts, or other Halloween symbols. When you have enough garland pieces, assemble them on a rope and place somewhere in your home.


Cute pumpkins

Pumpkins are the most traditional Halloween decor items, but this year you can not only carve them, but also use other DIY methods to make them look festive. Your options here are virtually unlimited. You can paint the pumpkin with permanent markets, decorate it with ribbons, or create intricate patterns using black buttons. In the end you’ll have a traditional pumpkin decorated in a completely new way.



Spiders and their webs are among the classic Halloween symbols, and, using simple black trash bags, you can make as many spiderwebs for your home as needed. Fold the trashbag diagonally, cut off the bottom and side seams, and start carving with your scissors. Unfold the bag, see if you’ve missed a piece or two while carving, and when you’re completely satisfied, hang them around the house for a spooky look. You can attach a plastic spider if you have one, or you can cut them out of the thick craft paper you used for the garlands.


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