How To Interact With The Introverted?

Introvert is a person, focused on his inner world and try as little as possible make the manifestations of this world to let out. However, this concentration does not prevent introverted people easily communicate with others and to achieve heights in life.

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Introverts are often chosen the following specialties:

  • Security and law enforcement officials (detectives, police).
  • People working in the legal profession (lawyers, notaries, lawyers).
  • Specialists of a technical focus.
  • Heavy physical labor employment.

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How to recognize the introverted person?

  • Dislikes prolonged contact.
  • Not welcomes the close mutual relations with strangers (trusts only friends).
  • Noisy company – definitely not a variant of leisure activities. He prefers quiet and secluded leisure activities, in the extreme case – a very close circle of trusted individuals and / or friends.
  • Conservative in all.
  • Not talkative prefers actions and deeds the words.
  • Intolerant to empty talks or chatter is not the case.

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  • The tendency to self-analysis and intelligence, philosophy, reflection on various topics high. And here – always thoughtful, informed answers to the questions and the ability to engage in productive dialogue.
  • Likes everything that is connected with books. Reading for the introvert – the best pastime, the book – the most expensive and long-awaited gift.
  • Family – the main value in life.
  • The ability to appreciate the dedication and not throw friends who proved it.
  • Preference communicate with someone individually, and not with several people at once.
  • In difficult situations and choices doesn’t think about public opinion and the stereotypes if necessary.

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Men are usually more introverted, than women. The reason for this may be a particular temperament and character, as well as psychological problems or the impact of any circumstances. Yes, an introverted man looks more secretive and less emotional, because to win his sympathy is not easy. But after all, introverted person becomes a model spouse, a great family man, faithful to his partner and children.

What to do if your beloved is introvert?

1. Do not push, do not put pressure, do not rush things. If you need something to ask, do it quietly, in a delicate manner, voice your question without pressure and tension. Introverts are virtually 100% are delicate in communication, answer amiable to an amiability. And if he will understand that the other person does not press and does not impose his beliefs aggressively, introvert will want to talk further.

2. Give the introvert time “to disclose.” This will not be immediately and soon from the beginning of communication. The first introvert looks at the person, and it will take not  a short period of time. If introvert saw in person positive qualities, realizing before him – an introvert would be the best and most valuable partner.

3. Support: the statements, thoughts, actions. Especially introverts appreciate when people approve their actions. Then the discharge of business relationship can go in confidence, and in the future – to very close. And if you delight in his hobby or passion, the introvert will be happy.

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4. Because introverts are sometimes reluctant, you should not be communicating to accentuate, to discuss and condemn complexes or any failure of an introvert. Introverts are themselves very hard going through similar things, “grinding” fifty times a particular action, word, deed. If an introvert he did not want to talk about it – it is better not to turn out his soul inside out.

5. Just listen and understand. Because introverts are typically well-read, to listen to their speech is a pleasure. And, of course, to understand and accept, if you are waiting for further communication in the future, no matter, friendship or something more.

6. Sincerity. Introverts feel great lies and falsehood. In principle, in contact with introvert people should adhere to the distance, at least initially. More efficient – not to violate personal boundaries. In any event, under any circumstances. No one likes the clumsy and intolerant interlocutors.

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