The Death Of A Great Leader: Fidel Castro

This weekend, a legendary Cuban politician, President, and just a person who served the people of his country for almost half a century has passed away. Fidel Castro died in his 90th having caused quite an extraordinary mixture of feelings all around the world. Someone is in deep grief, someone is celebrating – in any case, the death of this remarkable man is a hot topic for the whole world to discuss, which means this particular person deserves much attention.

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1The current President of Nigeria didn’t stay away from the grief of Cuban peoplehood and expressed his condoles together with other world leaders. In his speech he said, “As a great friend to Africa, countries in the global South and the Non-Aligned Movement, Castro’s place in history is assured, given his sustained successful commitment and towering role in the liberation and anti-colonialism struggles in Africa, as they go through this period of national mourning and exit of a truly admired selfless global leader.”

2Let’s admit that Fidel Castro was a very strong man who for 5 years defied the US struggles to topple him. Nevertheless, he stood out and even managed to improve the ties between Cuba and the United Stated.

During the recent years, Fidel had been in poor health since an intestinal ailment nearly killed him in 2006 forcing him to formally cede power to his younger brother Raul Castro two years later, who was the one to announce his brother’s death in a televised statement.