How To Match A Watch With Your Outfit?

A wristwatch is considered to be a universal accessory that can be found in any men’s wardrobe and seems like it can be worn with all kinds of outfits. However, there is an art to making sure your watch matches your look for the day, and fashion-conscious men need to master this art in order to always look well-dressed and stylish. Learn some tips on coordinating your outfit and your watch!

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Determine your style and occasion

Mens watches can be found in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and the watch you choose largely depends on the type of clothes you wear every day or the outfit you select for a special occasion.

  • Formal style: if your wardrobe mostly consists of expensive fitted suits, or you’re creating an outfit for a black tie event, your watch should be stylish yet minimalistic. Look for a watch with a leather band and a dark watch face – these watches are sophisticated enough without being overwhelming.
  • Business casual: make your work outfit complete with the help of a beautiful watch. A business casual wristwatch shouldn’t be too different from a formal one, although you can experiment with band colors – for example, by going for a tan brown leather band instead of a black one.
  • Sporty: an informal outfit with a refined leather watch would look weird, which is why you should opt for a sportier one. Plus, if you’re planning an adventurous day out, your watch should be durable enough. We recommend choosing a sturdy watch with a canvas band and wooden or leather elements.
  • Casual: if you’re simply going to run errands in the city or spend an evening with friends, your choice of a watch is nearly unlimited. If you’re tired of traditional options, you can spice things up a little by choosing a fun electronic wristwatch with a band made of plastic and silicone: they can add a colourful accent to your look.


How to match colors

If you only own watches in black or tan brown shades, matching a wristwatch to your outfit in terms of color shouldn’t be a problem, since those two colors go with pretty much any color scheme. However, if you have a more adventurous taste in watches, finding the right one for every look can be trickier. The key here is to make your watch match at least one other element of your clothing. It can be your shirt, bowtie or tie, pocket square, or any other accessory.


How to match materials

It’s a little-known fact about picking the right watch for your outfit, but the material of the band matters nearly as much as the color. Generally, leather goes with most outfits that feature at least one other leather item, gold or silver bands should be reserved for formal looks, and rubber and canvas watches look best with informal clothes and shoes. If you’re looking for a more versatile watch, try the one with interchangeable bands in several different colors and materials, so that you don’t have to try too hard to match your watch to your outfit in the future.