Top Best Test To Define The Character Of Your Kid

Agree, sometimes it’s really hard to understand what is going on in the heads of your little ones. That’s why we have picked up some tests, which will help you define your kids’ mindset and their features of character, so it’s easier to find a common ground wit them.

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#1 – Chocolate test


 This test helps to define what kind of mindset is the closest to your kid – a tactic or strategic thinking.

What is needed: a table, a chair, and something sweet, for example, a chocolate, a cookie or a candy. Place your kid in the room where nothing will distract him/her – no toys, computers or TV.

What should you do: give your kid a piece of chocolate and say that it is for him/her and that he/she can eat it as soon as he/she is left alone in the room. But if he/she copes the temptation and waits for another 10 minutes, he/she will get a surprise together with that piece of chocolate.

The results: some children eat the sweets instantly, some wait, trying to fight the temptation, but eat the dessert anyways. Those children are tactics. The 1/3 of children wait until the parent’s return and get their dessert together with the gift prepared for them. Those are the strategists.

#2 – Sweet and salty porridge test


The test helps to define what behavioral type your kids possess – to agree with the majority, avoiding the conflict or to defend their own opinion, which tells about the leadership features.

What is needed: a couple of family members or friends and the plates with sweet porridge (especially important!)

What should you do: everyone (both adults and children) sit at the table and eat the porridge. Someone should notice aloud that the porridge is salty and others must agree. When everyone at the table agreed that the porridge is salty, it’s your kid’s turn to give the answer to “The porridge is too salty, isn’t it?” If the kid agrees, it means that your child is not ready to play against the rules and their own opinion about the porridge is not as important as keeping peace with other people. But let’s assume that you kid says his/her porridge is sweet, then you can take a spoon and try it yourself and insist that it is salty. If your child keeps defending his/her position that it is sweet, then he/she is going to be true leader who is not afraid what others will think about his/her thoughts or actions.

#3 – Construction toy or coloring book test


This test will help you define whether you child is an inro- or extrovert.

What is needed: for children up to 5 years old it is better to choose a colorful construction toy and offer them to build a house out of it. To children from 5 years old, it is better to give a coloring book and colorful pencils and let him/her paint the pictures the way he/she wants.

The results: if the kid constructed a house paying more attention to the colors, building doors, windows and other parts of the house in one color, then your child is an introvert. Such children pay attention not to the forms and shapes, but to the content. If you tested your kid with a coloring book and as a result, you got a picture where the paints don’t cross the borders of the image, then your kid is also an introvert.

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