Tips And Tricks To Make Your House Clean

Having trouble with cleaning some hard-to-get-rid-of-spot or just too lazy to start doing it? Then this article will help you to easily fight with some of the hardest problems that may occur during tidying.

Varnished furniture


Varnished furniture is really susceptible to dust and scratches. To get rid of the spots, mix ½ of cup of vinegar and ½ of olive oil and wipe the surface with this mixture.

Wooden furniture


For cleaning a surface of a wooden furniture or a door, mix 1 table spoon of a seed oil with two spoons of baking soda. Use a toothbrush to achieve better results.

Shower nozzle


To get rid of deposit on shower nozzle, put it into a plastic bag with vinegar and hold it there for twenty minutes.



If you want to clean a working surface of an iron, try putting a warmed iron on salt. Don’t forget to turn off steam and don’t get water inside the iron.

Microfiber furniture

64422_1200x800 microfiber_2Dfurniture

To clean a surface of microfiber furniture, use a clean white brush and a small amount of alcohol. To get rid of an uncomfortable smell afterward, use a small quantity of baking soda.


It is not easy to get rid of fat. To make the process simpler, put 2-3 table spoons of liquid ammonia inside the oven. After a few hours, the cleaning will be much easier.




To get rid of fat and smell inside the microwave, use a glass vessel with water and a chopped lemon. Set the microwave for 3-4 minutes and then wait a few more minutes. Cleaning it will be really easy!

Grease stains on wallpaper


This problem is solved by a chalk. Grind it on a stain, and then wipe it with a wet cloth. This works with your clothes too!



Blend warm water with a small amount of soup for a quick clean.

Leather furniture


To get rid of abrasion on your favorite chair, just use a shoe polish of a corresponding color.



If you are having problems with lipstick stains, just treat it with some hair spray. This way, the stains won’t smear, which will make the task much simpler.