How To Wake Up A Christmas Mood

Christmas is near! In less than two weeks the festivities will begin and families will get together to celebrate this beautiful holiday. But are you prepared for a Christmas tree and home decorations? If Grinch has stolen your Christmas mood – no time to be afraid, we’ve prepared a few advices that will help you to feel the Christmas spirit to fully appreciate the holiday. Boost your mood on Jiji!


Decorate your house


Make paper snowflakes, get a garland or decorate a Christmas tree! Not only this visual cues will constantly remind you about the imminence of the holiday, but the whole process of decoration is an important part of creating an appropriate mood. Get together with your family and start creating pleasant memories right now with accessories from Jiji.

Buy (or, at least, plan what you want to get) gifts and wrap them


One of the fundamental traditions of Christmas is gift giving. It is one of the most pleasant parts of the holiday – to make someone at least a little happier. Choose your presents wisely – pay attention to the smallest details and try to make the presents personal. You can find whatever you need with the best deal on Jiji. Wrapping up the present in festive covering makes the occasion more special and amps the joy.

Watch Christmas movies


There are hundreds of movies, filled with Christmas spirit. Watching such pictures, filled with love, family connection, fun, and joy will help you to stay positive and wait for a holiday with more enthusiasm. From Home Alone to Jingle All the Way – they are just great movies with a positive message. If this won’t help – just watch a holiday Coca-Cola ad, it’s really an essence of Christmas spirit 🙂


Update your playlist


Christmas songs have as much impact as Christmas movies, some would argue, that even more. So, put on some old Christmas classics, like Let It Snow and The Twelve Days of Christmas by Sinatra, Last Christmas by George Michael or Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson. This list doesn’t end there – choose whatever you personally associate with Christmas.

Cook something festive

Add your taste buds to your eyes and ears to fully grasp the Christmas spirit. There is nothing better, than drinking eggnog and eating cinnamon cookies, while watching a Christmas movie.

Meet your friends

It is likely, that you won’t be able to celebrate the holiday with every one of your friends, as they might want to do that with their family. That doesn’t mean, that you can’t do it right now! Just spend time together – but make it special by having classic Christmas dinner or giving the presents.

Write a letter to Santa Claus


It seems like a childish thing to do, but that’s just what you need to wake up your Christmas mood. Your inner child very likely loves Christmas, so try to remember, what it was like to be little. You may not even send it – just write what you feel like writing.