Will Jonathan Run For President Again In 2019?

As the 2019 presidential election is getting closer, Nigerians start to wonder who will take the coveted position of the President of Nigeria in a few years. After the 2015 loss to Muhammadu Buhari, many voters believe that Goodluck Jonathan, the former president, is willing to return to power. However, Mr. Jonathan denied his intention to run for office ever again.

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The news about Goodluck Jonathan and his desire to take the presidential spot from President Buhari surfaced recently, when the press reported his words. During his visit to the relatives in Otuoke, Jonathan was said to be talking about the 2015 election, as well as his plans for the upcoming presidential race. According to the reports, the former president expressed his desire to be president again after Buhari’s term ends in 2019.


After these reports have made the news, Goodluck Jonathan’s publicist shared his statement. The statement completely denied the possibility of Jonathan’s involvement with the 2019 elections, as well as his unhappiness about the outcome of the 2015 race. Mr. Jonathan also expressed his disappointment with the media, stating that not only did he never utter the words about the election, but he hasn’t even been to Otuoke recently. Having slammed the fake reports, Goodluck Jonathan greeted the people of Nigeria with Christmas and expressed his wish for everyone to channel their efforts towards good causes instead of spreading lies.